Friday, January 21, 2011

Connection Error!

     Heynow. It's a home blog of a review of the day. Oh boy, my work computer's monitor just suddenly went blank. Power was still connected but I couldn't see anything. I was just working on something and it goes black. It all started at around 9:00AM. After about two hours of trying to fix it, my boss called his tech friend, Jim. He came over and looked at it and said "Let me take it to the shop and see what I can do." So he took it back and I had nothing to do. He later called and knew the problem "Your power supply is shot." So my boss and Jim went to a computer sales place a few blocks away from the office. They got it, Jim put it in and it worked. At 3:30PM my computer was working again and I made sure to back-up everything I have been working on lately. But within all those hours of the problem and the solution, I had to listen to my boss bitch about computers and how they are worthless. I wish I would have argued the point that they are useful but I didn't and just laughed and nodded my head. His solution to everything that he can't use is to throw it in the creek/river. But sometimes that's a good thing because Jim pointed out that these computers are over 6 years old. So he showed my boss a few new computers on the internet and told him what they could do better than the ones we have and with a great price. So I thought to myself "Yes! Hopefully he'll get an awesome computer and I might get the "old" one. My personal computer is a laptop. The battery is bad so I have to have it charged and the life of the battery is like twenty minutes now. I checked on eBay and I could get one for about $30 but I don't really go anywhere with my laptop so I'm fine. If I ask my boss for the computer, he might actually give it to me because I think I'ma good employee. I do everything he asks once, I'm on time, I get things done early/right. Yes I procrastinate but that's for me do actually do something when there's no time limit. If it needs to be done, I do it. If I have time, I'll do it but I'll goof off a little.
     Anyway, I didn't really have to have anything done today so the computer thing today was okay. Problem in the morning, solution in the afternoon. While Jim had the computer I read some articles in two "Architectural Record" magazines. I read about two cool articles but when I read the "thrice" [ ;) Conan joke] article, my eyes started to get heavy. I was sitting on the couch, very close to my boss in his office. I could hear him too, he was reading a book too (which happens a lot). He often falls asleep too. So I sat on the couch and began to doze off a little. After a few minutes, my head began to hurt and I stopped. I walked around for a while until Jim came back in with the fixed computer. He hooked it back up and started the conversation about new computers. After that conversion, they went to my bosses office to talk some more. I backed-up my work and sent an email. Jim left and soon my boss followed. I soon enough followed too but then I remembered that I needed to go grocery shopping. I ended up at Wal-Mart at 4:20PM on a Friday. It actually wasn't that busy and crowded which was nice for a change. I got all my stuff and started my course home. Since I've been home, I've cleaned and made dinner.
     I think I'll go up to my parents tomorrow and surprise them. I've haven't seen them in about three or four weeks. Hopefully I can deliver my paintings and get some money. I always feel like I'm broke. Which is good and bad I guess. If you're not broke its great but you still feel like you have no money and you still fell like crap for being broke. I think I need to cut coupon's now to save money. Anyway, that was my day today.
     Last night, I was trying to learn the piano intro to "Nineteen Hundred & Eighty Five" by Paul McCartney and I couldn't quite get the timing right. I'll try and practice a little tomorrow. Actually when I was driving home today, I thought about playing drums again but I couldn't. I thought about having a home in Middlesboro and playing in a room where my drum set was and I could play as loud as I can without any reaction from the neighbors. I do miss playing drums. Actually playing any music really loud. Maybe when my contract is up this end of summer, I'll look for a house to rent around my job and have a music room. Rent would be lower than my rent now, my neighbors would be cool and a little far (because of noise), and I would be extremely happy there. I can only dream now. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Did I just blow your mind? My life is exciting, later.

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