Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Downright Unimpaired"

     Heynow. I'm at work at the moment and I have kinda finished my work so if the boss comes around, I can just pull it up and work on it. Meaning this not an argent type of work today. I wrote a song using the ukulele and harmonica yesterday. It's a song about the "sipping tea and rainy day" song I was thinking about writing. So I did and it's about a boy meeting a girl for tea on a gloomy day but the boy likes the weather. They go on a walk, then it turns to dark while in the forest. They then have sex in the forest. A good day if I don't say so myself. It might be a perfect day in my book. Like I said before, it's a happy song and I thought of happy things. I'm still not sure what to name the song. As of right now, it's called "Perfect Day". I need to come up with a random yet summary name for the song. Hopefully a single word title. I'm still searching for that certain word. More than likely, I'll stop and search the title now and post it here............"Downright" sounds good to me. "Unimpaired" sounds good too. Ah! I've got it! "Downright Unimpaired" I know I was going for a single word but that sounds like an awesome song title. I need to read the Thesaurus more to find good words to replace simple words. I think I'll buy one the next time I goto Wal-Mart or something. I need to goto Big Lots today to buy three more 12"x12" canvases to paint and sell. I've got until Christmas to finish them. I've got the three pictures sketched out, I just need to transfer them onto the canvas and then paint.
     Anyway, when I record the song, I'll video myself recording it, like I did last time. This time I'll have ukulele, vocals, harmonica, and maybe guitar backup. Maybe bass guitar too. I might have vocals and harmonica on one track. I dunno, it might be a while since I do that. I have another video idea that I have videoed already. I have a green shirt with my name on it and I thought I could do a green screen thing with my shirt. When ever I snap my fingers, the shirt would change colors or pattern. I need to look up colors and patterns now to put in its place. I remember that I need to look up two different patterns of plaid and a tie dye pattern. Other than that it's just random plain colors. I've never done green screen effects so it'll be a learning experience. My life is exciting, later.

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