Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Massacre!

     Heynow. It's been awhile since I've done a work blog entry because my original work computer had a few bad power supplies. It's still working now but I'm using the other computer until I get the new one from our tech guy, who works at the college. Since then I've moved all the stuff from that computer onto this one. I've got my music and all that other stuff I have. Anyway, today is Valentine's Day. Last week I ordered a set a flowers to be delivered to a friends office. I remembered where she worked and looked up the address. I picked the flowers:
     In the card I put: "Roses are red, violets are blue, some poems rhyme, but this one doesn't. Call me sometime and we'll have dinner. That is, if you can figure out who sent this." Well this morning she posted a picture on Facebook saying "Someone is gonna have to fess up because I seriously haven't the slightest clue who these are from...?":
     (Darn you ProFlowers, they're supposed to be prettier than that. Oh well, maybe it'll bloom) She tweeted it too and still had no idea who did it until I texted her. She was very happy and I wanted to do something expectingly for her. I'll probably call her this weekend and we might have dinner. While texting a little back and forth, I kept looking at the door like I was Jim from The Office looking at a camera and smiling. I don't know, no one was going to walk through the door, I just looked at it.
     Last night my teeth were hurting really really bad. (Squeamish please read past) I figured out that it was a wire going into my gums and making them bleed. I tried to pull the wire away from my gums and with a few failed attempts, something actually worked. Then as the night began, my lip was swelling up. This morning it was still swollen. As today continues, the swelling has shrunk. I thought about calling my orthodontist and seeing if any of them could help me fix the wire and help with my swollen lip but since they are only in Middlesboro on Tuesdays and Thursdays I might have to wait until Tuesday. Since the swelling has gone down, I'll just wait until my next check up on the 24th. Nothing serious really. Of course "The Fixer" fixes everything!
     I don't know what exactly is going on with the "C. and S." thing. I hope they solved their differences. I think I'll text "C." later to see what all is going on, plus make a few jokes to make him feel good. I thought about making a video playing "Tree By The River" by Iron & Wine with a tutorial in the beginning telling you how to play it. I might do that tonight. I just looked and noticed that there are a few videos covering that song. I'll probably still make the video with the chords and lyrics on the screen. 
     Today seems to be going a little slow. It's Valentines day and all the lovely people have their loved ones. Ah crap! I forgot to get mom something! I'll call her later today after I get home and when she's at home. I'll probably tell her about the flowers thing too. This morning the Foo Fighters came out with a "new music" video with Lemmy from Motorhead. Foo Fighters - White Limo I follow them on Twitter (I'm on Twitter too! and they posted pictures of the limo and everybody else. It was cool but I didn't really know they were going to make a music video. It looks like it was shot with an old 1980's camera and effects. It reminds me of what I did with my old camera when videoing short films ("Cardboard Monster", "Cardboard Monster: Returns", and film of everybody going down my hill while laying on they're backs on skateboards) good times. Sadly, I couldn't convert film onto digital and upload it. It would have been cool. Besides I think I taped over most of it. I sold my camera but kept the tapes in case I find something to convert them to digital. Wow this is a long post. I guess I'll go now. I think I've updated you enough. My life is exciting, later. 

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