Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kick Ass

Heynow. It's Thursday and I'm going to have a busy day. A painter is here to paint or something in my boss' office and here's to my left talking on the phone then complaining when he hangs up the phone. I need to get my audio recorder and record every single time he complains then make a cartoon video. Anyway I might not have a lot to say today so here's what I have to do today. Today is the bidder meeting for a Health Dept. in TN. We get a lot of calls with questions and everyone who isn't a general contractor gets a list of the plan holders. So it'll be a phone/fax kinda day. At 1:30PM I have an orthodontist appointment and tell them about my wire situation I had. Then after work, I'm going to go look at that apartment over a coffee shop. I'm actually doing this blog so that it looks like I'm working on something rather than looking at a drawing and not really changing anything on it because it's basically done for right now.
     Lately, I've been away from the online dating sites that I've signed up on months/years ago and on one of them I got a message from a girl that's really cute and we've been talking to each other for about three of four days. I don't know where I was going with that but yeah, that just happened. Oh yeah, I have another idea for a painting. It's:
Bruce Lee
I might change the suit he's wearing into a yellow color with black stripe like in the movie "Enter the Dragon".

I might do one of his student, almighty:
Chuck Norris

Red, the color of your blood because Chuck Norris has never seen his own blood. Okay, I guess that's all right now. I'll make sure to post another blog about the apartment and the orthodontist today. My life is boring, later peeps.

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