Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What am I really supposed to do?

     Heynow. Ah, I'm at home now. At work I had to finish up a set of plans and run copies the other half of the day but ran out of paper. So I haven't had time to blog at work. I'm currently listening George Harrison "Behind That Locked Door" from the album "All Things Must Pass" on iTunes. I have it on vinyl but I've got my iTunes on shuffle. When I got home from work, I had a lot of chores to do around the apartment. I had to do laundry, clean dishes, take out the trash (which is harder than it sounds), and fix dinner. Laundry is an easy-ish chore. I gathered up my dirty clothes and detergent / bleach and walked to the apartment "entertainment" room were they have four washers and four dryers along with telephone, a television, microwave, soda machine, and a change machine for quartered laundry. No one was there when I arrived but a nice old lady entered when I was halfway done. I made small talk with her and was on my way back to my apartment to clean dishes and listen to the radio. After I cleaned the dishes and about 45 minutes later, the washer in the entertainment room were done and needed to be switched to the dryers. I walked back and made the switch. Today was a muggy and damp day, I know because I had to walk back and forth from laundry and apartment. Anyway, I got back and gathered my garbage and put it in the bed of my truck. I had three trash bags full of garbage. The large trash can is located on the other side of the apartment complex. Usually I carry one or two (not too heavy) bag(s) but since the weather has been bad and I couldn't go so frequently, I had to wait and put some of the bags in the corner. I dumped off the garbage and cleaned a bit until the clothes in the dryer were done (which takes about an hour for them to be done, yes I've timed this so I can be very productive when the clothes are warm and I can fold them in my room). So my chores were done and I had to make some dinner. The other day I remembered that I don't make a dish that I haven't made in a while. It's very simple and good. It's cheesy chicken rice. White rice with Valveeta cheese and chucks of white chicken breast. It was easy to make and was good.
     Later on in the day, I checked my Facebook and my best friend, Dave, changed his status to "engaged" I congratulated him and his fiancée (with two kids, which he loves). About an hour later, he called me up and made sure I heard the good news. I told me that he proposed at school in front of her friends and the place were they basically met. I haven't seen Dave in a while so since he's getting married, I'll be seeing even less of him which makes me sad. There is some good news out of it, in that phone conversation he ask me to be the best man. I agreed and he was pleased. He later said something along the lines of "Don't get any strippers or she'll freak out" I said jokingly "It's not a bachelor party unless there's strippers". I later wondered what exactly a best man has to do. Thank goodness for this website The Art of Manliness for multiple manly advice. They have articles about what exactly a best man should do, plan the best traditional bachelor party, and advice on the best man toast. The Duties of the Best Man Plus a lot of articles in which it means to be a real man and how to be more manly than ever in a classic 1950's way. 


    I don't even know anymore details about the wedding than that I'm the best man. I'll try to do my best about being a best man which means you need to help out your friend around the most stressful time in his life. Even though he was married before, the marriage was not a good one and the wedding was in Canada. He got divorced and have been single for sometime. I'll make sure that his bachelor party is very nice and relaxing for a good male bonding experience. Which is what bachelor parties are really about. I don't even know who all is going to be at the party that I need to plan weeks before the wedding. I might just be me and him. From what I think will happen, it'll be a small wedding with very close family and friends. Less than a hundred people but I could be wrong. I actually haven't really met her. There was once during Daniel Boone Festival were I was randomly walking and spotted Dave and her and the kids. I talked to Dave and she just stood there and looked at us talk for a minute or too because they were tired of taking the kids around. I didn't blame'em really but I haven't really talked to her, even with small talk. I'm guessing now that I'll talk to her soon because of the wedding and such. I'm happy that Dave found his fiancée and is getting married again to a good girl (from what I can imagine from her moods and what I've heard from the man she's marrying). I'll try my best to make a good bachelor party, try my best to help out in anyway, and try my best to make a good, short, funny, toast for the reception. Well, I've bored you way too much so I'll stop now. I'll leave you with another Art of Manliness picture about decorating the car during the reception.


My life is exciting, later peeps.

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