Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Gonna Be A Great Day! Money, Re-signing, & New Music!

     HEYNOW! It's 1:59PM but I actually had this blog up and typed but Google Chrome crashed on me and couldn't reload it. Let's see if I can remember what all I had. Okay, as you might know from the last post I am a Howard Stern fan and this morning he has re-signed. Today feels like a good day. Another good part of the day was getting my work check without giving my boss my time sheet. Not only did I get one check, I got another check for my Christmas bonus. At lunch I cashed them and after my lunch I went Christmas shopping and now I'm pretty much done. In my family we do Secret Santa and Chinese Christmas. This years plan was to get a $20 Secret Santa gift (I got Ashley, my sister-in-law) and get a universal $10 Chinese Christmas gift. I'll probably get Kailyn, my niece, something but I need to check with mom on what exactly to get her. The next time I'm at my mom and dad's I'll wrap'em up.
     Another great thing is that I downloaded some new music. Three albums, the first was 2009 "The Resistance" by Muse. I haven't heard it all but so far "Uprising" is a great alternative rock song. The other album was, not so new, "Requiem" by Mozart. I heard almost all of it yesterday and was about to cry because it was so beautiful sounding. In a few brief moments while listening to some classical music I found a better appreciation of music. The third album was this years "As I Call You Down" by Fistful of Mercy. I'm a fan of Dhani Harrison (son of George Harrison) and his other band "Thenewno2" is great too. I haven't heard any of it yet which you might think is weird. I burned the Muse and Fistful of Mercy onto a CD and I like listening to new music in my truck while driving. The reason being is that when I have my iPod, I skip a lot of songs for no reason other than I can but with a CD, your limited and you have to listen to it. If I put the new songs on my iPod, I'll more than likely skip them and go to a song I already know and like. I have the CD's in my track and I'll check of Fistful's album when I drive home today. Okay, in twenty minutes (2:20PM) I think I've covered all I did last time. To make sure I'll just copy & paste this on Office Word in case it crashes again. Now I'll watch my subscribed YouTube videos. Some time has passed and it's now 4:28PM, I've done some work and I'm about ready to head home. Until next time, my life is exciting, later.

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