Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mini Panic Attack

     Heynow. I'm at work and my boss has been gone today. I woke up at 9:15AM (alarm) and was still tired. I don't know why. I went to bed early, I don't get it. Well: I got up, took a shower, got dressed, made my lunch, and I actually got some breakfast. I don't really have breakfast anymore. Anyway I got to work, ate my breakfast, had one call on the answering machine wrote it down, and then got some work done. That's all I've done today. When I got out of my apartment it was snowing. Under my breathe, I said "Crap". Hopping that the roads were not frozen from yesterdays flooding. The roads were fine and not flooded. Actually when I left work yesterday Cumberland Avenue was flooded. It was very high, about above the knee and I was nervous to drive my truck in there. I took a chance to take a detour going to Southeast Community & Tech. College [;)] hopping it wasn't flooded. The roads were fine there but I could see that if the rain didn't stop, it would get worse. Thank goodness I went to college and found out that shortcut route. There is an event on Friday for the 50th anniversary and I was invited. I forgot what time the event is but I'm hopping that I'll see some friends while I'm there.
     I had a mini panic attack last evening. It's the end of the month and my rent is due for next month. My rent is $470 (way too much) and I went to the office to give my landlady, Ruthie, my rent check. I always wondered, they have a piano in the office and I've never see someone play it. So when I was giving her my check, I asked her what is was. As she was writing a receipt, I opened it up and she said it was a pump organ. I've never seen one before so I thought that was cool. When I walked out she told me she'll open it up and I could play some time. I went to my apartment feeling down that my rent is so high. I was wondering if my checking account was right and I could pay so I went online to check my balance. It was lower; I started freaking out on my internet provider because they started online payment and it starts at the end of the month, then DirecTV bill came in at the end of the month. So I was about -$50 if she cashed my check. All these scenarios started playing in my head how to fix this. One was to ask my mom and dad to wire money today so it would work out. Then the simplest answer popped in my head. "Just ask Ruthie to hold the check til Friday, the day after you get paid so you'll have enough." So I called her and asked and she was very nice about it. "It's not a problem". I was very relieved after that, but I still have my doubts until it's done. She could have forgotten and cashed it today, I hope not. I might ask my boss if I can have my Christmas bonus this week so I'll have money in my account. I hate being broke. And I know what you're probably thinking "You can go on a little while on a credit card if you need to". No I can't because I don't have one. I probably need to get one soon. Ugh, I need a better plan. I don't have a five year plan, but at the same time who does? No one knows what's going to happen. My boss could die in a car crash today and I won't be able to pay my rent, I'll have to move out, cancel everything I have to pay (internet, TV, electric, etc.), move back home, find another job and start again. I guess if I simplify it, it's not so bad. Yet the more I think about it, it really sucks.
     My boss came in about ten minutes ago, with his girlfriend. And within 15 minutes: they came in, my boss gave me more paperwork to do, and they both left at 3:40PM. A good day if I wanted to be alone. I guess I'll do the paperwork and leave for the day.
     I did do a painting after the mini panic attack and stuff. I painted a John Lennon painting and I sold it to Kim. I liked it so much I made another one for me and made it green (John's favorite color).
     It took about an hour and a half to paint that one. I still had some time to watch some TV and play guitar. Oh well, I'll do the paper work tomorrow. My life is exciting, later.

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