Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sipping Tea & Listening to Otis Redding and The Beatles

     Heynow. I actually took off work today. I'm a little sick and I needed some extra sleep. I'm having trouble sleeping lately. I've been eating toast and drinking tea today to make myself feel better and it's working. I think I'll fix me some tea now.....as I make some tea listen to "My Lovers Prayer" by Otis Redding because I'm listening to that song on vinyl, which is my dads record I borrowed.
     Okay, I'm back. I haven't really listened to my records in a while. So I might just do that whenever I'm at my apartment blogging here. The actual record now is "The Best of Otis Redding" 1972, disc 2, side 4, track "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay". It's been a very low key kinda day. Gloomy, damp, and uneventful. Now that I have changed records to Rubber Soul, I recently learned that the version I have (the U.S.) is different than the U.K. The U.K. version is the one everyone knows. The U.S. version has a few songs from the album Help! and some songs taken off the U.K. version. I think, at the time, the songs were controversial so the U.S. was nervous to put them on the record. "Drive My Car", "Nowhere Man", "What Goes On", and "If I Needed Someone" are missing and "I've Just Seen A Face" and "It's Only Love" in there place. Weird. I know some of this because last month Rolling Stone magazine came out with a Beatles Top 100 Songs list with how they wrote the songs in the magazine. It's very interesting and I'm going from 100 to 1. I'm at 10 right now. Plus from reading how they write songs, it's opening my mind on how to write songs better. After reading some of the stories made me feel like "That song is about nothing so I guess I can make up a song about something and it'll turn out good." Plus I can write about just about anything. You forget what all you can write about and turn it into poetry or a song. I don't have to talk about me, because I think I'm boring. I can talk about other people I know that might have problems in their life and in a way, I'm healing for them because I want them to feel okay. I had an idea to write a song with a ukulele and a harmonica in it. Like a mini Bob Dylan, lol. Maybe I'll write a song about sipping tea and having a day like this but being happy. I need to write happy songs. It's easy to write sad songs. I'm thinking about getting some bongos because I need some sort of percussion in my recordings. I can't exactly use drums at my apartment. I wonder if that fabric and foam store near my apartment sells acoustical foam? I might go someday. I have a lot of anxiety and I think I might need to be medicated (There's a song). I need to write down song ideas and then sit down and actual write them. So far, I've written down just two but I need to carry around this piece of paper to remind myself to write song ideas when they enter my brain. Now I'm listen to The Beatles White Album, a masterpiece.
     It's only 5:54PM and it's really dark outside. That sucks. I wish, on sunny days, I would just sit outside and play guitar. Now that I know how to play "Mother Natures Son", it would seem perfect. I just picture myself in the middle of a field of high grass, sitting Indian style playing this song all alone. I guess I can still play outside right now even though it's still raining and dark. Just turn on my outside light and sit on my floor mat under the 2 foot overhang outside my door.
     Oh yeah, I have been doing some art type stuff. I have these braces from the canvases I've bought and I made a structure using super glue and I pour melted candle wax over it. I dunno. I just wanted to pour melted wax over something. I think I might get a clear glass vase and pour all the candle wax and make different colored layers, then melt the glass vase and all the colors together. It'll happen someday. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing all these activities out of sexual frustration. I have no lover and I have no friend to talk to. I think I'll end my blogs with this phrase in sarcasm and at times of realism, "my life is exciting". Later

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