Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday's Mouth Massacre

     Heynow. I'm at work, it's Monday, and my head hurts. I have my rubber bands in my mouth and that usually hurts and today is no exception. I think my head is hurting because of the teeth thing. I feel dizzy too. I had my morning tea and now I have a bottle of water on my left side. Today for lunch I made a PB&J and two bags of baked chips. I probably need to go shopping for some more lunch making supplies. I have a low amount of bread and chips which is the major part in my brown bag lunchfeast. I don't know but when I typed in "feast" I remembered that Snickers commercial were there's a king, a viking, a pilgrim, a fire breather and a roman are in a small car yelling "FEAST!" when eating a snickers bar. Dave and I would do that sometimes if we had something good to eat.
     I do have a little bit of work to do but I have to wait on my boss to give me stuff to type out for the Specifications on a Health Center in Tennessee. The squirrels are out this year. I need to get my camera and just film the squirrels out the window because out of this window the squirrels jump from tree to tree, branch to branch and it just looks cool. The branches are really flimsy so the squirrels get momentum to jump and they're so small and funny. Cuteness factor in video, check! Okay, I got done with that batch of specs., more to come I'm assuming. Meanwhile my boss make changes to the specs. I'm either watching videos or listening to iTunes or checking Facebook. I guess I have a plan to do tonight. Paint a picture, but maybe laundry first. I don't have that much; three loads at the most. It's Thanksgiving week so this work week is short. I guess I'm going to my parents house for Thanksgiving and hopefully I'll get to see everyone. I haven't seen Sean, Kristin, and Kailyn in a long time. Plus I guarantee that I'll have something to take home for leftovers. It'll be a nice Thanksgiving. I'm looking on eBay for vinyl records. The Beatles Revolver (stereo) record is about $30 including shipping. Not too bad I guess. Sweet, I can get a Sgt. Pepper's (stereo) record for $11 including shipping, but after looking into it there's a bunch of scratches. For a good record, the average price is about $30, which isn't bad at all. Actually I think I might get another Abbey Road record and frame my dad's record and put it up somewhere in my apartment. I need to get a frame anyway for the "Cloud Tree" painting. My friend Chris will probably buy that one too. He said he was interested in it. Maybe I'll goto the dollar store and find a 16" x 20" and a 12" x 12". Apparently a brand new Abbey Road record is produced in the United Kingdom and no were else. I'll look more deeply later. I still have the mentality that I'm broke. I fell like I'm repeating a lot of things on here. Vinyl records, mouth hurting, blah blah blah. Hey, some people like it. I don't know who reads this but thanks for reading. Thanks for putting up with me rambling about nothing / the same kind of things / meaningless things. I'm trying to talk more in real life and this actually helps my speech and vocabulary. Okay, enough of that for today. My life is exciting, later. FEAST!

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