Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Green Screen Magic Shirt!

     hEYNOW. Damn you work caps lock! Anyway, I'm at work and I have work to do but I am, yes you guessed it, procrastinating. I do want to get it done today so I don't have anything to worry about when on holiday. + (Every time I use this symbol, that means I went back to work and now I have something random to say. 
     + I think my boss thinks I'm a pervert, because I was watching a video and he caught me watching an innocent video. I tried to quickly switch it back to work related stuff but he still caught a video window. He asked "What was that a swivel dance?" (Meaning belly dance, i think) "No, a friend emailed this video of him going around his college campus" (which was true). When he went out, it made me realize how many times he has said something like that to me, being the only male in the work environment most of the time. One other time was when I was applying to a college and I was taking a break and sitting on the couch drawing a tree from outside. When he came in from lunch he looked at me and said something like "What are you drawing, a naked woman?" "No, it's that tree outside". The girl co-workers chuckled and he made me fell like a perv.
     + Woohoo, the last work day this week. Thank you for Pilgrims and Native Americans for eating together on one day in November and then making it a holiday America. I got paid today too! I usually get paid on Thursday but today I got the check in my pocket; at lunch I'm going to cash it. Then I'll have moola!
     + I finally edited that "Magic Shirt!" green screen video. CLICK HERE--->Magic Shirt!. It's short, simple but it took me a while to figure out how to edit and do green screen with two different programs but I know how to do it now! I just need to get a bunch more green posters and make a really good green screen on that wall you saw in the video. Right now I'm calculating how many pieces of green posters I need...3 x 5 posters equal 15 pieces and each piece costs 99 cents which comes to a total of $14.85. Then 6% sales tax which gives me a grand total of $15.74. Thanks math! I might get three more...
     + wOOHOO! Work caps boss is leaving early today! But I'm not going to leave so early. I'm going to try and finish my drawings and then go home, hopefully earlier that regular. + Crap. He gave me something else to do but I'm not going that far today. That's a whole different monster, what he's talking about. It's a section view and I hate section views. Sooo many details and notes to make and repeat, repeat, repeat. Oh well, it's almost lunch time. I ordered me a pizza from Pizza Hut. It's actually been a while since I've eaten pizza. Maybe over three weeks. I'll take leftovers back home. + Okay, I'm back from lunch. I ate about half of my pizza and I'll probably have the other half for supper tonight. Back to work for awhile. + Dang, the computer is slow sometimes. I try to fill something in and it has to wrap around the other parts to fill in the space and it just takes a long time. I should have posted the time when I use the (+). So you can see the procrastination and then the work time. If I can get this "hatch" (filler) stuff done, I can get out of here, but the thing is slow! This hatch is taking forever. So dumb. Stupid thing. I could probably draw in the filler and it would be faster.
     + Yes! Finished with work. It's 2:50PM. I'll watch about two videos on YouTube, then I'll go home. I might go and get green posters :). My life is exciting, later.

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