Monday, October 25, 2010

Vlog's, Working Somewhere Else, Scars

     Heynow. In case you missed last week, I did all vlog's! My boss was on vacation and I was at work alone and was trying to figure out stuff to do and vloging for a week crossed my mind so I thought "Why not." Here are the links:
Saturday / Sunday

     I got a few ideas on entertaining people while doing vlogs. Which is cool, I find myself not entertaining when it comes to videoing myself. I feel that I always have nothing to do. People have interesting lives and I have an apartment by myself and I work with no one besides my boss who is in his 80's. Wow, now realizing that he's at that age, I probably need to find another job to fall back on. Vaughn & Melton Engineering is right next door, so they might take me in. It's a lot like my job here but they mainly do site work. I do have a good reputation with them. When ever I need a copy of a 36"x24" sheet of paper, I just go in the back and do it myself. I even know how to put another roll of paper in the machine. I know a few people there too. Plus my senior year of high school, the drafting teacher's brother is the co-founder, Mr. Melton. So if my boss ever retires I have a very good chance to get a job there. It's a good company from what I see.
     I'm still sore from Saturday night being at that haunted jail. I was in a cell with a mask and I had to bang the bars with a rusty pipe, jump around and yell. Well I jumped around alright, my left elbow smashed into a thick rusty beam and my right foot got stuck between bars when I was jumping down from climbing on the bars. I have some scratches and blisters on my left hand from handling that rusty pipe. My voice is still a little sore from screaming. I took some nighttime cough / sore throat syrup last night and that helped with my throat and with my sleeping.
     Other than that stuff, that's all I have to say. More tomorrow I guess. Later

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Costumes & SUPERNOTE

     Heynow. I've gotten a few ideas for a Halloween costume this year. Mainly involving a cardboard box because I have a few of those. Here are my ideas, you can vote on your favorite!
A.) A Rubik's Cube (Kinda like this one)

B.) A Cock Block

C.) A Free Mammogram Tester

D.) A Electrical Plug In (Maybe some girl at a party will be dressed up as a socket, who knows)
E.) A Robot (Kinda like this one but with metal tubing and a silver spray paint cardboard box body) 
     They are just ideas; easy to make adult costumes. Now that I'm in an apartment, I'll probably have to get some candy for the neighborhood kids. Back when I lived with my parents, we lived on a hill and we never have kids over. Over ten years of living there, I can remember two kids coming over and we'd give them everything. One kid a year, not both in the same year. My mom would buy candy in case someone came by but usually we all would eat the candy before Halloween even started.
     Last night I made a video response to a contest called "SUPERNOTE" on YouTube. A lot of people have done them and I thought it would be fun to do and to help out a team. There are a bunch of teams but the team I picked was "Team Beard" with team leader Wheezy Waiter. I've been watching him for a few weeks and thought why not, he is very randomly funny and interesting. I've also been watching a lot of YouTube celebrities on their vlogs. I've been thinking about making vlogs but I didn't have the video editing material and skills, until now. I downloaded a greatly rated computer program that edits video with added effects and abilities that I couldn't do using Windows Movie Maker. So I'll be experimenting with that and I'll be posting them here and on YouTube. Maybe a "Making A Halloween Costume" video, like a how to video. There's one idea, BOOM! I'm full of ideas. I've got a bunch of sketch comedy ideas that I'd like to do, but I need other people to be in them, not just me. When the time is right I'll ask for auditions, so I can make the sketch. Plus, I probably need to get a better camera. I have a Flip standard definition camera. Maybe I'll save up, sell that camera, then buy an HD camera. Oh well, it's 3:57PM and I need to goto the grocery store. Later.

Make sure to vote on a costume OR suggest a cool costume for me to do!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My DBF / Columbus Weekend

     Heynow. I'm really sleepy this morning. While I was taking a shower, I was falling asleep and I was shampooing my hair. I was slipping into R.E.M. while standing and moving my hands on my head, it was relaxing. I'm still sleepy at work. My weekend was actually pretty good.
     Friday: I got off work early, which happens quite often on Friday's and I like it. I went to Wal-Mart to finally get an eye exam. The exam costs $51. So if I was fine that was $51 of assurance. But as it turns out I do need glasses. I have an astigmatism in both my eyes; my right eye is worse than my left. I should get my glasses on Friday (10/15). Apparently, the frames are really expensive. The one I picked out was $118. I just thought that the frames I picked was all the same price but I was wrong to assume that. I asked the guy if I can bring in some frames to see if they can put in the lenses and he said "Yeah, just bring in the frames and we can put them in for $10, not including the lenses." I replied "Great, the frames I have cost $10." I'm a cheap person. I guess that's why I don't have a credit card and not in debt. I don't want to be in debt ever. I'm guessing if I got a girlfriend, I'd be in a little debt but it would be worth it. I do need to get some sort of credit card and get great credit. that evening, I had to drive to Mom and Dad's to dog sit. They were there that night and was going to leave in the morning. I went to the Daniel Boone Festival for a few minutes and saw Dave for a few seconds, then left and saw Casey and Ashley for a while. After that, went back to my parents and went to bed.
     Saturday: Woke up, mom and dad left to goto Pennsylvania to see my dad's sister, and I was alone with the dog. I was laying around until I took some paintings to Ashley's furniture booth at the Arts & Crafts section at DBF. I hung out with Ashley, her mom, and dad almost all day at the booth. I sold my Dwight Schrute painting for $20, so that was awesome. They also sold a bunch of items at their booth. Later on that day, I saw an old elementary friend. She bought a painting from Ashley's sister. I was thinking about asking her out but my anxiety came in and I choked. I might still ask her out on the phone (if I had her number) or message her on Facebook (but does it seem weird to message someone, asking him/her out to a date?). Then again I had an ex-girlfriend that was friends with her so it might be weird. Actually the ex and I are still friendly so I don't know. If she is reading this "Hey, do you wanna go out sometime? Go see a movie, dinner, on a walk, and to catch up on each others lives." That night, my friend Chris came over and we hung out all night. We played music, talked man to man, and laughed; it was a great time. I need to hang out with him more often.
     Sunday: I woke up at 1 o'clock groggy and watched football all day. Belle the dog, was not moving a lot that day because Chris was playing with her last night and she is almost 14 years old. When I noticed that she wasn't moving, it made me realize that she probably doesn't have much longer to live. Just that thought made me sad to see her go too soon. She is a wonderful dog and a member of the Smith family. Sunday night, I went to Casey's house and hung out with him and Molly, while watching Sunday Night Football. When Mollie and I were chatting through Facebook (sitting 10 feet from each other), Casey was snoring in his chair. We were debating who would wake him up. I did but I'm guessing he went back to sleep. When I woke him up, I was leaving to go to my parents house to spend another night there.
     Monday (Columbus Day): Woke up fell out of bed, dragged a comb through my head (Beatles reference). I really didn't do anything that day. I was just lazy and was either in front of the TV or computer. I did do some little things like laundry, clean the house a little, and learned a few songs on acoustic guitar. Mom and Dad was going to be home around 7pm. I left the house around 6 pm to deliver a painting to Mom's friend ($30 but gave me two extra dollars) from work, then went to my apartment. I did make a pit stop to get some more canvas's at Big Lots. When I finally got home I was really relieved to just be home. I just listened to music and relaxed until brushing my teeth then bedtime. I guess that's it for today. Later.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Selling, Dogs, & More Ideas

     Heynow. So I've only slept for about two hours last night because my brain was still wide awake. It's my fault anyway, I sang out loud while driving home to stay awake from midnight to 1:00am.
     It all started yesterday after work. I made a plan on delivering Kim's three paintings. She wasn't home so I had to do a "drop off". I felt like a drug dealer, planting "the stuff" under the car using duct tape. Actually I drove to her house and she was away. She left a text message saying she had the check in her car and to drop it off in the passenger seat. So I did and when I was leaving there was this black dog in the middle of the road, barking at me while I drove up, did the swap, and drove off. When I was driving off the dog barked at me while in the middle of the road. I saw the owner come out of the house and yell at the dog. The owner is the problem, he/she doesn't have a place for the dog to stay. It's out around the house barking at anything that moves. Train the dog! Teach the dog to be quiet at night. Positive re-enforcements! Not negative.
     Anyway, Kim is very pleased with the paintings and I've very glad of that. Kim advertised for me, so because of her, I've got a few offers and requests to do some more paintings. On another note Casey, Ashley, and her family are opening a booth at the Daniel Boone Festival Arts & Crafts place. They're selling furniture that they have fixed up. They are all nice and colorful. Casey was interested in selling some of my paintings. The only ones I can sell are the Darth Vader and the Dwight Schrute. Probably not the hottest ticket paintings but they might fit in with all the other crafts like pieces of wood with feathers on them and other Native American arts and crafts. So I'll be at the DBF Friday night and maybe Saturday since I'm spending the night at my parents house to take care of the dog. My parents are traveling to Pennsylvania this weekend to see my dad's sister. I hope I've got Monday off for Veteran's day. I probably do since my boss is a veteran, I have a better chance than if my boss wasn't one. Of course, I'll know if I have it off, when he says so at the end of the day Friday. Always at the last minute with that kind of stuff.
     Another reason for not a lot of sleep was because my teeth were hurting, still. I've had to take aspirin every few hours for my teeth. I can barely eat anything because of my sore teeth. I forgot to pack my lunch so I'm going to go out to eat and to cash my check and to buy some more canvases at Big Lots. My dad gave me some ideas for a few Three Stooges paintings.
    I've been procrastinating on this. So I guess I'll stop. Later.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Always Working, Orthodontist, Daniel Boone Festival

     Heynow! It's exactly 2:00pm now. My boss is gone. Actually he has been gone for most of the day. He came in late around 9:10am (I have to come in at 8:00am to make coffee, that I don't drink. I'm a tea kinda person and then I barely drink it) and about an hour after he came in he left. Oh well, I've had things to do here, kinda.
     I had an orthodontist appointment today. I've had braces since August of 2005. I have had braces for fives years. That is unbelievable to me. I take good care of my teeth. The mistake was going to Tucson, AZ for one summer and missing four appointments. Really?! Those four months were crucial to my teeth being formed. I might go into the record books for having braces for five years starting at age 19 and ending at 24 (hopefully), how embarrassing. I'll be happy to get them off, I'll tell you that. I don't talk that much so I'll probably have my retainer in all the time. The only time is when I brush my teeth, eat and talk on the phone at work which I barely do, even though I am the only worker here. My boss came in at 2:20pm. With no calls for him to return. Anyway, I guess I'll have these braces off by the beginning of 2011. I just gotta keep these rubber bands in my mouth. Sorry again for rambling but I'll try to some jokes in there to keep things lite. I am talking negative about it but then again I'm making a lighter side of it, like in Mad magazine. I haven't read that magazine in years. I might have a few older copies in my old room closet at my parents house. A.D.D. typing kicking in. I hope that's a syndrome so I don't seem too nutty.
     Daniel Boone Festival (or DBF) is pretty much here. I'll probably be there on Friday night. That's when you see everyone from high school or something. The last couple years it's just been me and Dave walking around. That and random people that know me through my parents and I have no idea who they are. Of course asking questions and I don't know the answer to. One of my favorite questions from last year was "Has you mother done her taxes this year?" I wish I had replied "I sure hope so, if not my families going to jail. Thanks for ratting us out". Apparently that lady did our taxes and didn't do a good enough job to get it the next year. Now I know why. She's a dunce! Anyway, I guess me, Dave, and his entourage will be going to DBF this year. Maybe see some old friends from high school. Hopefully the good have a good life and the bad have a hard life, but nothing too hard. I'm not that bad of a person. I hope it'll be fun for everyone.
     So Kim wants a total of four paintings of the Beatles. I'm actually almost finished with the Abbey Road painting. Yesterday I made a drawing on for fun (and because I didn't have much to do).
     I painted in the blue part yesterday. The blue on the painting is actually darker (Cobalt Blue). I might need to lighten it up the coat today. I'll be hopefully finishing this one today. All that's left is the black part and maybe another coat of blue. Maybe I'll pay a visit to Kim tomorrow with her three delivered paintings. I'll then stop by my parents house to see them for a bit. I may need to copyright the Abbey Road body drawings. I drew that myself on the computer for a tattoo design months ago. I might be able to sell it to a few tattoo shops to give me some money to use my design. I dunno, they might have an even better version of this. I did how ever catch something wrong with my drawing. All the skin parts are showing except Paul's bare feet. It might not look right, white foot skin on white crosswalk. I might edge it out. I'll edge it first to see if it looks okay and if it doesn't I'll fill it in. Well I've filled you in on today so far and last night. Until tomorrow, Later.

Monday, October 4, 2010

That Old Chair and Abbey Road

     Heynow! My weekend went pretty well. I fixed that old office chair Casey, Ashley, and her family gave me last weekend. I ordered some new wheels from eBay and they came in on Saturday so I glued the pieces of wood on each leg with wood glue and put on the wheels which worked out perfect. The thing is, wood glue does not dry fast. I was in the middle of my living room floor putting paper towels over each of the two legs and cleaning up underneath it. There's still one leg that needs to be glued. I'll try and do that this evening. I also need to invest in some WD-40 for those squeaky, rusty metal parts. I could replace that whole part. EBay is awesome. Anywho, I finished another painting. It's a John Lennon painting. I believe that original picture is from the White Album inside sleeve.

     I've messaged Kim, my first customer and friend, to see what other paintings of the Beatles she wants. I have one idea already that I already put onto computer design. It's an Abbey Road tattoo design that I designed, that I might get eventually.
     All I'll need to do is add in the cross walk and a color background like so...
     And that's that. I've made a few tattoo designs that I might get. I drew them out a few months ago. I'll post them later on, when the topic of tattoos comes up again. That's all for now. Later.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rubber Soul Painting and The Office

     Heynow (I don't know but if you watch The Larry Sanders Show, that's a great catch phrase. I think I'll reinvent it). I guess this will be a daily kinda blog. Last night after work I had a plan. Give the landlord my rent check for this month, watch TV for about ten minutes, call DirecTV to cancel my Showtime subscription, then paint til 9:00pm, watch The Office, go back to painting if I needed to, shave, add and organize my music on iTunes then goto bed. Here's what really happened. 
     I got home wrote a check to the landlord and she gave me a receipt. As I was walking home I grabbed my mail, and then looked at the receipt she gave me. It had $325 on it besides my actual rent. I was really confused and was wondering if I'm paying too much for my rent. I returned to the office and confronted her. She said "That was last the  payment plan, it's changed." I don't know but I might still be paying too much, but then again I am living in a 2 BR apartment by myself. Next I watched about 20 minutes of TV to unwind from work. Then I started painting. I had a clock near by to see when it was about time to watch The Office, but five minutes until 9, I really had to goto the bathroom. I usually like to take my time in that kind of situation so I just went back to painting and let the DVR do it's job. Thank god for DVR.
     Back to painting, it took me about another hour to finish the painting. While painting I like to listen to music. I have an iPod Touch and listen to the SiriusXM app since I'm a subscriber to that. Anyway, here is a picture of the painting (It's also for sale if anyone wants to buy it).
     I've got two more paintings to be finished. And maybe I'll get one finished tonight, I dunno. Dave said he might goto the Fall Festival here in Middlesboro. I might stop by and hang out with him and a few other friends. 
     So after painting I had to shave because I don't look good with half a beard and a full goatee. I shaved and trimmed the goatee. At that time it was 11:24pm. I wanted to goto bed. Today I need to go grocery shopping after work (first of the month rush, good job waiting Eric), cancel my Showtime subscription, and add / manage music. Maybe I won't paint today. I've got a whole Saturday I guess.
     Sorry to bore you with all this nonsense. I just don't get out that much and I have no one to talk to. I work with my boss, that's it. I have no co-workers. It's a good and bad thing I guess (Good: I can do what ever I want and no one looks over my shoulder even though I would be their superior. Bad: I have no one talk to). Then I go home to an empty apartment. Sure I have hobbies and stuff to do (painting, TV, writing music, comedy writing, photo editing, making videos, etc.). But then again, I'm a shy person and I'm trying to make myself more confident to talk out loud and don't care what other people think. That's a big reason I don't talk. I'll talk to someone and then realize "Should I have said that? What would they think of me? Would they want me as a friend now?" It all goes through my head and then I end up not listening to them and it makes the conversation worse. Another reason is my family (no offence). They all talk and I'm the one sitting back and letting them talk, then suddenly someone comes to me and says I'm the shy one. NO, I can't get a word in edge wise. A lot of times, I have not idea what their talking about, I have not experience on that subject. If I do talk, it's usually a joke or something not serious, but I'm trying to be more serious and not so much jokey. The more and more I think about it, I think I need to be either medicated or sedated . Wow, I've been rambling again. I guess I'll go now. Later.