Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Year in Designs Review

     Heynow! Okay, a few things has happened since I least left off but here are some pictures of events that has happened.

My fantasy football helmet
Okay I know it's a bit much but at the time I wanted to do something cool and my team name is the "Middlesboro Mudskippers". Of course, Muddy Mudskipper from "Ren and Stimpy" as the mascot in my chosen team colors (New Orleans Saints brown with a darkish, grayish blue) and the spiked circle came from the Miami Dolphins helmet.

Muddy Mudskipper

     Next are some designs that are highly related to the Star Wars symbols that I did a while ago:

Rebel and Jedi Symbol

Rebel and Jedi Symbol with borders

Jedi Symbol inside Rebel Symbol

(I'm thinking of getting a tattoo of this or the original red Rebel symbol)

     Now, I got an email some a guy in Canada that saw my tracings of guitars and wondered if he could use them. I said "Sure" and he also requested a Stratocaster. I did so and emailed it to him. As a gift he laser cut these planks of wood and mailed them to me. These conversations were so light and easy, that I forgot I was getting this but one day they showed up and I've put them on display.

Guitar Planks: (L to R) Above - Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Fender Mustang, Fender Jaguar, Gibson Explorer. Below - Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, Gibson ES-335, Gibson Firebird.

I framed the guitars on a custom print out design of signature guitar players and their color. I do need to put in glass for the frame since the clear plastic whorps with the wooden planks.

Here is the template background that is framed minus the wooden guitar planks.

     Now on with the paintings. I got back into painting and since I did one and posted it on Facebook, I got a lot of requests again. I'll show you the templates and the story behind it.

John Lennon

John Lennon

I wanted to do the black part red but the paint did not look good so I painted over it in black.
(This painting is still for sale here:

Bob Dylan

Darkish Blue
Sold to Brittany Avery

Hank Williams

Sold to Brittany Avery

Loretta Lynn

Sold to Brittany Avery

Courtney Love

Sold to Heather Hatfield

Dave Grohl

I tried to get the color "Pelham Blue" because it's the color of Dave's signature guitar.
(This painting is still for sale here:

     Here are some templates that have yet to be painted, someday:

The Beatles

The Beatles


With the Lights Out Box set cover

     Wow, I've done quite a bit this past year with paintings and designs. Anyway, here are some more links to paintings and other items that I'm selling, if anyone is interested: The Bealtes - Sgt. Peppers PaintingThe Bealtes - HELP! PaintingStar Wars - Boba Fett PaintingStar Wars - Darth Vader PaintingJohnny Depp PaintingDrum Dial (Drum Tuner)The Beatles Rock Band Bundle Pack for WiiPT Cruiser Leather Boot Cover.

     On my personal life, here's the short story: Angel and I are still together and we moved to Barbourville and got a poodle named Sophie. I'm pretty happy when it comes to things but I still need to get over the anxiety of meeting and talking to strangers that later maybe become friends. Oh well, I'll learn somehow. Later peeps.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old Drawings, now in Techi-Color

     Heynow, it's now 4:11PM and it's been an uneventful day at work. When I found these old drawing I scanned, I figured I would re-draw them and put color to them. Here's the three that I have done.
(New Colored)
I added a base to the heads like if it where a statue.

(Old Drawing from high school)

(New Colored)

(Old Drawing from high school)

(New Colored) This is my favorite one. I like how the colors go together. 

(Old Drawing from college) I remember drawing this one in college. I was in history class and there were two different pictures in the book so I combined them into this picture. I don't remember why they were in the book, it might have been from someones shirt or something.

     I remember drawing a lot when I was in high school and college and now I don't do it that often. I need to draw more. I think that as people age, we learn more than we did in school. That if you really wanted to learn something, you did the research yourself. If I wanted to become an artist using the computer as my paper, I would learn how to do so. I would learn, if there was any kind of problem, I could fix it myself. Sometimes the world can be a tricky place, dealing with paperwork no one understands but it gets the job done (somehow). I don't know. I just keep thinking about college and see that I can do more but the green pieces of paper called money, doesn't allow me to do so. I'm now 26 and I thought to myself while coloring within the lines, that I am getting older and that I don't see those opportunities that I once did see starting out of college. Anyone can go back to college but they have to accept you first and then take your money for services of learning or unlearning. Anyway, I'm just tired of the same old routine. Going to work, working, and going home from work. I don't know what to do. I'll apply to some colleges to see if I can get in and then figure out if I can go. And it's not just me, it's Angel too. We're in this together and I have to look out for her too. So after coloring this, I thought I would post it and not really get into an inner-dialogue about college. Well, there it is. Later, peeps.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm With Ralph

     Heynow. I saw an article that Mitt Romney's app mis-spelled "America" and thought it was funny so I made this simple graphic. If the picture has only three words and the most important one is "America" the country you're running for President, you should probably get the word right. Enjoy

Ralph Wiggum - Mitt Romney's Amercia

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Avengers!

     Heynow, it's been a slow work week so today I figured I would do something. Lastnight, Angel and I watched The Avengers. I've been waiting for that movie since Iron Man 1. Anyway, I got an idea to put the faces together with there symbols. Here's a few attempts:

Captain America / Iron Man / Thor / The Incredible Hulk Symbols

Captain America / Iron Man / Thor / The Incredible Hulk Symbols with Faces

Classic comic book
Captain America / Iron Man / Thor / The Incredible Hulk Symbols with Faces

     It's not the best but I'm going to work on it some more and make it into a good graphic and possible tattoo design. I tried to get the heads to scale and to find good straight head on pictures. 

     As a recommendation, you need to see the previous Marvel movies to get the whole story but if you read comics like I do, you'll know the story before the movie. I think it's great but then again I'm a Marvel comic guy and not really into DC. I like Batman, but that's pretty much it. Anyway, loved the movie, I'll keep working on this design and if it's really good and I love it, I'll get it tattooed on me. I love all the characters. Iron man is still probably my favorite one. Well, I guess that's it for now. Later peeps.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

8-Bit Adventures

     Heynow, it has been a long time since I have posted but I figured I would update somethings. Last Sunday, Angel set up my birthday party and I had a good time. My birthday is actually on the 30th on Monday but it was the only weekend she had off in like six months. My brother, Casey, and friend Zac came by. My old neighbors Phillip and Michelle, and Angel's cousin (who I don't like but I tolerate) with her boyfriend and her kid (who I don't really like either) also came. Other than that stuff, the party went well.
     Angel has been going to Lexington for her teeth. She found a dentist school that has been doing her teeth work for FREE. The guy doing it actually gave her $200 for traveling. I think there's one more appointment and it'll be done. Luckily, the guy is good at it and hasn't messed up or anything. While in Lexington, Angel has been spending the night at her dad's house with her dad and grandma. She's been really annoyed that her dad has been with a married woman and the woman is bad news. It seems every time she visits, he is always on the phone with her. Her dad can be annoying but he seems okay. It just seems like with Angel's family, there's always some sort of drama and I hate drama. People that talk behind peoples backs.
     Angel and I got a new apartment. Believe me, it is way BIGGER. Thank goodness it is. It's a two bedroom and I had no help packing up everything. When we got the keys to move in, I got them on Monday. So I thought, throughout the week I'll take small boxes and get whatever I can while Angel's at work and on Friday (which was the last day we had to move or the landlady would have to charge us for staying) I would take work off and get the heavy stuff. So I went on Facebook, Twitter, and texted friends to see if anyone would help. So apparently, I don't have any friends. Any good ones anyway. I couldn't count how many times I have helped someone move. I've actually done it for a friend of a friend. And for the party, my past best friends couldn't make it. I'm very understanding but come on. How busy are you? It's on a Sunday and you're working (yes you're). How come people can't get the grasp of "your" and you're". It means " you are" dingus. Sorry, I got off the subject but it sucks that friends let you down sometimes and lately its been more than less. I feel like, if I could put this into audio, I would be more honest. I don't want people to be mad at me for what I type and if it was said they would not catch it. I feel like it would pass right by them but if it's written, your brain comprehends it better and you can refer to it faster.
     Anyway, I've been working and sometimes I've been doing some graphics. Here are a few:

Contra 3D 8-Bit

Link 3D 8-Bit - The Legend of Zelda

Super Mario Bros. 3D 8-Bit

Megaman 3D 8-Bit

Samus 3D 8-Bit

Sonic 3D 8-Bit

The Beatles - Abbey Road - Super Mario Bros. 8-Bit

Iron Man - Avengers 8-Bit

Iron Man 8-bit

     Well, I guess that's it. It's been while. If anyone has a question for me, just ask. Later peeps.