Friday, February 4, 2011

PAPER JAM! and a Painting.

     Heynow. It's a really boring day at work. My boss had a meeting this morning and then went to lunch right after. I'm doing specifications today and I need him to confirm somethings before I continue. (Minutes fly by) Alrighty, he came in and made changes.(After making the changes, I goto the copier) AHHHH! Stupid copier keeps jamming! I hate you! (At this time, I have quit copying for the day). Here's what went down. I make my copies: Set A of Z x25 - done. Set B of Z  x25 - done. Set C of Z x25 - (I multi-task as the papers are printing. At one time, I goto the bathroom) When I come out of the bathroom the copier has stopped. Set C had 9 total pages and had to make 25 copies so time doesn't make sense to be finished. There was a jam. I take all the jammed papers out and start again. They jam again. I continually to unjam and start, making small changes to make sure it runs through but nothing was working. After about ten tries, I found another collection of clogs. Unclogging that made it work for about 4 copies then jammed again. I located a gear that wasn't moving so I tried to get to it and make sure that it would move again. At that time, my boss finally came over to see what was going on outside his office door (I could see him the whole time, trying to fix it). He just stood over me while I worked. Of course his solution to everything is "Throw it in the creek and see what happens". I really hate when he says that about ANYTHING that breaks. The copier, the computer, the plotter, the printer, the coffee machine, the phone, or the internet (I don't know how that would work if you tried). Anyway as I was typing in that last sentence, my boss walked up and left for the day, HALLELUJAH! It's only 3:25PM but today it has been slow and frustrating.
     Let's end on a good note. I have a friend on the internet screen name: Katers17. We talk on twitter a little and she makes vlogs on YouTube. I've watched her for about a year and have chatted to her when I joined twitter this year. I thought I would do something nice for her on her birthday and paint her a picture. I couldn't mail it in time for her birthday but she put it in her vlog. Here's the link: I also made her a few CD's, stickers, and gave her a pair of work out gloves. In the bag I had a note that said "Someone call the vet because these pythons are sick" *flex muscles*. Here's a screen shot of her and my painting.
     I'm glad she really likes it. In the video my "part" starts at 2:15 when she notices a bug on my package (TWSS, weird) and then shows the painting and then does the vet / python joke. Anyway, I'm glad she likes it, that made my morning. Well, I'm going to go home now and relax a bit. My life is exciting, later.

P.S.: I made a video yesterday and didn't have time to upload it so I'll upload it when I get home.
I'm home now and the video is LIVE! Here's the link:

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