Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Heynow. I haven't really painted in awhile and I need to paint one today, the James Bond one I posted a while ago. But I've edited photos for a few days, I might paint a few more for myself but if you want one, send me a message or leave me a comment. Here are a few ideas I have:
Kurt Cobain - Nirvana

Bob Dylan 

Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters

Jimi Hendrix 

John Lennon - The Beatles

Kurt Cobain - Nirvana Unplugged

     A few images I saw on the internet but I still edit them to add my touch to them. When I paint them I'll use a different color scheme besides Black and White. I'll try and look up the persons favorite color and I'll add the color to it. I've noticed my stats on here and there's a lot of people looking on here, mainly because of the edited pictures I have. The Abbey Road, Darth Vader, Dwight Schrute, and Led Zeppelin Angel are the top looked up on Google Images from my blog. So I'm giving you what you want. Enjoy. My life is exciting, later.


  1. ya me pongo a hacer el de kurt cobain
    desde argentina..

  2. voy a hacer el de bob dylan en una remera, espero que no moleste :)
    i'm going to paint bob dylan's on a shirt i hope you don't mind, this are awesome