Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Changing Apartments?

     Heynow. Well, Well, Well. I'm at work again. Last night, I paid my rent and I talked to my landlord about changing into a one bedroom from a two bedroom so my rent would be lower. She said she didn't have any available but her son has property around the City Hall of Tazewell and the rent is $475 including water and electric for a one bedroom. That sounds like a good deal but I wanna have an apartment in Middlesboro, now that I really think about it. There might be a place here that I can use, if the offer is still on the table. Basically living over a garage away from the owner. I hope that place is nice and spacier than it looks so I can bring my drums set. From what I remember, that garage was about 20-25 feet way from their house which was the closest thing to the garage. Anyway, I might be moving again soon. Speaking about moving out, my evicted drug convicted neighbors are moving out and they have until the weekend to completely be gone. Woohoo! One down, one to go (my heavy footed neighbors above me with children). I wonder if either places has their own washer and dryer at the place.
     Anyway, I am pretty busy here at work. I've been in and out, poppin' and lockin' it down. From one project to the next and distributing sets of plans to bidders. Tomorrow should be worse because it's getting published in the newspaper tomorrow and we'll probably need to get the rest of the specs. and drawings bound and ready to give out. We've got four sets of plans left. One guy said he would come and get one but still hasn't done so. Actually he said he would come in on either last Thursday or yesterday. I had to stay late Thursday (no show) which made me mad because I had to stay late and yesterday, still didn't show up. Well, it's 4:12PM now and I'm leaving so I can finally ship my package (TWSS). My life is exciting, later peeps.

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