Monday, February 21, 2011

Bicycling and Drums!

     Heynow. Ah, I'm at work again. This weekend was okay. Friday night I hung out with my brother and his friends in Pineville. The next day I went to Heidrick to see my parents. I did my laundry, we all went to dinner at Cracker Barrel in Corbin and while I was there, I sold that 007 James Bond painting and she said that I might have some more customers coming my way, including a screenwriter that might use a painting for a poster for the movie. So that's cool. She said he was a big deal but I'm thinking that it's just a person she works with that has a script in the process of getting picked up to become a movie. Not a huge Hollywood production, just a short independent film which is still cool depending on the content. I don't know, this is just what I'm thinking is going to happen. She said some LA film writer that I kinda recognized but she could be lying. Anyway, it'll be cool if it's real.
     Well, I'm in the "friend zone" with that girl I sent flowers to. I don't know, I was probably too forceful by asking her out to dinner Thursday. I'll either keep being friends with her (hanging out, going to events with other friends, etc.) and then ask her out when she's ready or just not really talk to her anymore. I don't know. I'm not really asking for help, I'm just wanting to figure things out for the better. Do I just focus on her because I really like her or do I keep being friends with her and try to see other people (because that's tough for me because I don't get out that much because I have high anxiety and I feel weird about things). I'm really thinking about moving again and being closer to the office. Hopefully I can find a place in Middlesboro that's not far away. I have this somewhat strange fantasy that if I lived closer to work, I would ride a bicycle to work. It would be great exercise, not spending any gas money, I would have a book bag to carry my lunch and other stuff. There's a guy mom knows that has a place open and it right above the guys garage. It's real close and it might be a good place. Since it's over a garage, I won't have any dick head neighbors and I might be able to bring my drums. The house is about 25 to 30 feet away from the garage. That would be cool. Bicycle to work, come home to play drums and be noisy when I want to be. That sounds great to me right now. I really miss playing drums, I'm so out of it I need to practice somewhere. The drum set is at my parents house but they have a bunch of stuff in my old room because they're redoing the computer room flooring and painting the walls. They have all the office stuff in my old room. Oh well, what to do but to move on.
     I'm back from lunch now and I've got a bit of work to do. But in the meantime, I've brought my camera in and has set up a handful of peanuts for the squirrels so I can film them. I don't know why but the camera stops at 30 minutes when I have half a battery and 74 minutes left of memory. I need to try and fix it so that it will stay on until the battery is empty. I'm not sure if I have any footage yet. I tried two days last week with none of the nuts being moved. At the moment, I do hear birds and crowing outside crowing. I was thinking of using the footage of the squirrels to make a video and put music to it. The camera just stopped recording and it looks like some of the peanuts are gone. I'd say a bird got'em because the shells are gone as well. If it was a squirrel, the shells would be around the other nuts. Anyway, that's what I'm doing besides working and doing this. I guess that's it. My life is exciting, later peeps.

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