Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Plans & Money Tree

Heynow. It is Monday yet again and now its time to review my weekend. I'm at work at the moment.
     Friday: I got off work an hour early and I needed to get to the Post Office to get a box to ship a painting. I got there in time and I put all my stuff that I was going to ship in my truck but when I pulling into the parking lot, I forgot the mailing address D'oh! So I took the box and the other post office envelopes to pack up my painting and other items. I have an extra envelope and I randomly put it on my head. As I looked into the mirror, I laughed and thought it looked like the Pope hat. *Light bulb* I can make a sketch about a new character called "Post Office Pope". I have a few script ideas but I need to type them out today. I might get a friend to play the "straight" person, sitting on the couch accepting that I'm not really the Post Office Pope and not caring that his / her roommate is weird and was just asking for a stamp. Well, that's basically the plot line. I might just play both. Post Office Pope standing between the hallway and the living room and the roommate sitting on the couch watching TV. Two different camera shots at two different times. That night, I headed to Barbourville to meet up with an old friend. We stopped at a Dairy Queen and talked until it closed (about two and a half hours). It was a good time telling stories and asking questions that neither one knew about like what's the difference between caffeinated coffee and decaf / how do you make it different. Is it a different coffee bean or is it chemically different? I'm still not sure how to do it but all in all it was a good night. Afterward, I had to sell a painting. I called my client up before and left a voicemail. She texted me back during the Dairy Queen meet so I texted her back when it was over but she never answered. I called again and said I'll be around until 1:00am then I'm going home. I drove around and had the urge to goto the bathroom. I drove to my parents house at 12:30am and tried to call them to tell them that I'm not a robber so don't shoot me and I'm here to stay for a few minutes then heading back to my apartment. I got no answer from both cell phones and entered anyway. Mom was up looking at dad's cell phone when I came to the door. She tried to answer but she couldn't in time. I talked to her for the time I was there (about thirty minutes) and told her about my night and my financial status. They were keeping my niece, Kailyn, that weekend and I felt bad about waking her up. It turned to 1:00am and I was awake from the coffee so I headed home. I kissed my mom goodnight and drove home singing to keep myself awake. I got home at about 1:50am (New record! because no one was around and ALL the lights I had to pass were green) then went to bed. I got up at 1:00pm and the post office window closed at Noon. So I still need to sent my package (TWSS).
     Saturday: I slept late and made breakfast. I cleaned and fixed a few things around the apartment. That was basically my day that day, not too exciting.
     Sunday: I slept a little late but thought it was Monday morning and that's not a great feeling. No football until 7:00pm (Pro Bowl) which no one really watches. I did laundry that day and then downloaded some new music. Iron & Wine new album "Kiss Each Other Clean" which is good (two or three songs I really like and learned one on guitar), new live album by Pearl Jam "Live on Ten Legs" and downloaded some podcasts with the uncensored recording of John Lennon's last interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. Then listened to the other Ricky Gervais Show podcasts that I haven't listen to yet.
     Monday (today): Woke up okay and got to work on time. I need to pay for rent today. I don't have money for groceries this week so I need to give them a check then tell them to hold it until Friday (thursday Payday). But then again, I have enough food for the week besides bread. I looked to see if I could make lunch today and all my bread was moldy. Oh well, I have a debt card and money in the bank until Friday. I need to ask the landlady if they have any single bedroom apartments available and to see if they can either move me there or just let me stay at my apartment now and let me pay for single apartment price. Oh well, It's lunch time and I'll go now.
     I'm back from lunch. I took my W-2 and put it in my truck. I'll call my mom and ask her what I need to do again. I hope I get a big payday with my federal taxes. State taxes I'll have to pay to get and I don't get that much out of state taxes anyway. I've got some codes from last year so it might be easy. I don't know if moving will change anything. I'm sure it will. Moving from state to state and still working in KY. I hope I can do it today and get my money quick and painless. It probably won't happen but I'm still optimistic. I wish I had a money tree. That would be cool. But that can never happen and if it did, I would be a genius and then goto jail. Kinda like the WikiLeaks guy. He's not invading the people privacy, he's putting it on the internet, he's just reporting it. It's like "Shot the Messenger" deal. It sucks what's going on in Egypt. If America has the same kinda thing happen (Basically turning off cell phone services and internet) they'll be a revolution. A lot of people live on the internet, including me. It's were I get my information: weather, news, random information, and anything you can think of. Then it gets shut down! If it happened here, there would be a revolution. I don't get too political but it just sucks what's going on in Egypt and I support the protesters. And that's all I have to say about that. My life is exciting, later peeps.

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