Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Late Night Hustle

     Heynow. It's 9:15AM and I'm at work. My boss isn't here yet. I hope he doesn't come in and I hope he calls in so I can leave early. When I woke up, my nose was running and it still is. My big toe on my right foot hurts too, I must have slept on it weird. I took some allergy medicine and it hasn't kicked in yet. After my morning shower and getting dressed, I was a bit late for work. Since I was late I didn't get breakfast and I'm really hungry. When I got to work I figured I'd drink some tea to fill my stomach but I had only one teabag. I drank that and now I'm drinking coffee. My boss came in with photo paper for me to print out some old photos that I scanned a few days ago, I got that done. My boss's girlfriend came in, the old photos are hers. I helped out to carry a package / present to her car and I'm guessing she's on her way home. My boss is looking over the specifications again for me to change. There's not a lot of changes but he's still here to my left, I don't think he can see me typing on my blog. My sinuses are cleared up and my big toe doesn't hurt which is great. The morning is becoming better.
     It's past lunch now. I've been working (some work related and some making my custom twitter background page, which is done). I need to work some more on a set of plans I'm working on now but I was going to review my night last night. My boss gave me a lot to do but it's almost the end of the day, so I'll do it tomorrow. Anyway, last night I got in the mood to paint. I got the idea to do a time lapse video again so I set it up and shot it for the first painting. A Painting in Six and a Half Minutes. I painted a total of two paintings that night. The (Spoiler alert) Slash first and then Angus Young for the second. My friend Nick wants to buy both. Now I have two paintings left to do. One for Allison and one for myself which I'll do last. While painting the second painting, my mom called just to check in and talk a while. Dad and her were doing fine. Also while doing the second painting, I uploaded the video. A lot of active activity going on at the same time. I actually painted some while talking to mom. I also told her the video idea I had. After painting, uploading and talking on the phone it was time for bed. Well, I guess I filled you in yet again, I gotta go. My life is exciting, later.

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