Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To get or not to get?

     Heynow! It's 8:47AM and I'm at work. Looks like it'll be an all day work blog. Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to start Twitter on New Years Day. I've had the idea of unveiling it on a new year. Starting new, starting something new to me anyway. Twitter is not new but I have an idea of what it is. It's basically just your Facebook status and you can basically see what all people are doing at that time. I'm setting a goal that I'll post at least on thing a day for a whole year on Twitter. That's probably not much but I don't post everything on Facebook and I don't post one thing on there everyday. If I hear, see, or write a joke I'll post it to be funny. Twitter is telling people what you're doing, if anyone really cares. I don't think any of my family has Twitter so I think I can be a little bit more truthful about things and I can curse. On Facebook, my family and other church people are on there and I have a reputation of being nice or not cursing. Hopefully some good things will come of it.
     Last night I transfered the last of the drawings to canvases and now in the process of painting. I might paint a simple on tonight and then do something else. Last night I did feel productive. I cleaned my kitchen then transfered drawings. After that I played with my helicopter, played Donkey Kong Country on the Wii (I bought it in the Wii Virtual store) and worked on the computer. I was thinking about recording the ukulele song too but didn't have enough time. Bed time was approaching and I had to get some sleep for today. Yesterday at work was a day that I was avoiding work. I just wanted to goof around. I did do some work but it felt like a day that I didn't want to do anything and it worked. Today I have to catch up a bit. A few minutes ago, I remembered that I was going to plan out the plot for the mountain skyline wallpaper. Since it takes a lot of time and keeps crashing I've decided to not do it. Besides the picture is too pixelated to see it with good clarity. I don't know, I'll try and figure something out to make it easier. I measured the wall and it's 11'-7" wide X 7'-0" high. I might make it half the wall or have a window frame around the picture so it looks like its a window and you're looking out of it. That sounds cool, right? I think I'll do that. It's still the great view and it's some form of art since I inserted a window frame. I think I'll measure my windows and get the right fit so it'll match my windows. In the meantime, I'll find me some good window frames on Google and Yahoo image search.
     On the picture subject, I was grocery shopping at Wal-Mart after work yesterday and I stopped by the camera section and found that the camera I was thinking about getting is $109 instead of $129. I have some saved up money (Christmas money) and I think I'm going to get it. I do have to get a SD card too. I can't remember how much they are....let me check. Oh, an 8 GB SDHC card is about $20, not bad. Maybe the camera will come with one, like a 4 GB or 2 GB. Dang it, the camera I was thinking of doesn't shoot video in HD. There's a camera that's $50 more but it says that the Middlesboro Wal-Mart is out of stock. I like Canon camera's but there's one Sony camera that's ten dollars less and in stock. I'll check out some reviews on it. So far, the reviews are good. "A great point and shot camera as well as 720p video quality." That's good for me, I'll probably buy it after I pay my rent, pay my bills, and have some extra cash which might be next week. I'm off to lunch now.
     I'm back from lunch. I'm still looking for window frames. Now I remembered that there are bay windows, the ones that have a 3D look to them. I found a good one. I'm going to go home later and measure it. I might save the image on a flash drive and edit it at home then plot it out when I'm ready. Oh, my flash drive is in my truck. I'll just use Photobucket. Ah hell, I'll just get up and get it. Well, I got it and I probably don't need it now. I edited the pictures already. Now I gotta chop it in half and make it into two pictures. Okay now I chopped it up and it's going to be a total 6' wide x 4' high bay / bow window. It's 4:10PM now and I'm about to wrap things up. Hopefully my boss will leave in a few minutes and I'll plot out the "Window Mountain" picture. It's now 4:29PM and I just now started plotting. This may take awhile. Two 72" x 24" sheets of paper with the best quality on type image. I'm going to guess that I'll get out of here about fifteen minutes after five o'clock. I should have done this another day. The first page is about 60% done and it's 5:11PM. I'll be lucky if I get out of here at 6:20PM. I'll just watch some YouTube. My life is exciting, later.

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