Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Remembering John Lennon

     Heynow, today is the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon. It is not a happy day but lets try and make it one. I'm at work right now and it's 9:30AM. I have something to do but the boss is at a dentist appointment so I'm procrastinating. A lot of small changes in the set of drawings I'm doing at the moment. I have about three projects going at the same time. As soon as I'm done with one, another comes in and has changes to be made. Sometimes I wish I had someone to give some work to so I don't have all the pressure and won't get projects mixed up which is very easy to do. It doesn't help when my boss says something like "That one set of drawings". Really?! You can't remember the name of the place we're doing? Most of the times I know what he's talking about because it'll be something that's a slight different than the other projects. Almost everybody on Facebook is doing a numbers game thing. You send someone a random number that represents you and they post whatever they think / feel about you. I haven't played, I've only seen and wondered. It's kinda weird but I guess it would be fun for a while.
     Getting back to the sad anniversary, I remembered yesterday that in a interview with George Harrison while in the Traveling Wilbury's era, George said "If John was alive, he would have joined the Wilbury's in a second" (I'm paraphrasing). What do you think it would be like if John was a Traveling Wilbury? Of course the band would have been even bigger, I mean you've already had: George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynn, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty. Adding John Lennon into the mix would have been EPIC. But that's the way it didn't go. 30 years ago today John Lennon died.
     It's now 11:01AM and my stomach is growling at me. I actually had breakfast this morning too. It wasn't much but I still ate something. There's been a crew outside cleaning up the tree branches from the creek. To get to the limbs, they have a bulldozer to clear a path to the bridge. They're like the Department of Middlesboro, cleaning crew or something. They basically mow the towns grass, put up those snowflake lights on poles, and cleans up the town. I don't hear anything and haven't looked out the window to see them so I guess they're out for lunch at 11:12AM. I'm also guessing that this blog will be a day long blog of randomness. Oh yeah, I made a vlog the other day, here's the link if you wanna see it: Snowing, Spinning, Singing!
     I wonder what I'll get for lunch. I didn't pack my lunch today so I'm going to go out for lunch. What should I get....ummmmm.........Oh yeah, I've been really trying to get so prank phone calls recorded at work but no one has called while my boss is gone so I can really goof on them. I need to stick to a good prank call plan. The phone is wacked out today. My boss says there's something wrong with the long distance. I bet he's trying to call his girlfriend in Lexington. It's now 11:47AM and I'm starving, so weird. I usually take my lunch at 12:15PM so I can get my lunch and listen to Howard Stern replay on the radio. Even though he's a bit mean, it's supposed to be in good fun and humor. Plus he has some great points in common sense when it comes to serious topics. My boss hasn't left for lunch yet. He's probably stuck my the phone in case his girlfriend calls. It's 12:00PM now. I think I'll take my lunch a little early today.
     Okay I've been back from lunch, it was good and now I'm actually working. The phone fiasco is still going on with my bosses home phone provider. He's been on the phone all day. Probably the most productive I've seen him in a while. Crap, on that note, (Hours later) he was looking in a book for me to type up. Why does he always does that? It's 3:55PM and he's about to leave and I have new stuff to do and I'd like to get it done before I leave. When I was typing "before I leave", the phone rang and my boss was called out and he's on his way home to see if he can get his phones fixed. It's now 3:59PM and I have an hour to type out a new specification for a project. The spec. is about 5 pages long. Ugh. F*** it, I'll do it tomorrow. My life is exciting, later.

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