Friday, December 10, 2010

Next Day Karma Starter

     Heynow. It's guess it's karma, I've not having a good morning. When I woke up a few minutes before my alarm, I thought "It's Saturday" meaning I could sleep late. Nope, it's Friday. When I got up to goto the bathroom and do my routine I had a "morning wood" situation. So I went number one sitting down and when I got up I pee'd between the seat and toilet so it ended on the floor. Ugh, not a great way to get up in the morning but after a while it'll be funny. That's way I don't really care about saying it on here, piss happens. After that I took a shower, got dressed and drove to work. That's were I am now. 8:44AM and my boss hasn't come in yet. I hope he comes in for a few minutes and then leaves for the day. I love Fridays like that. He'll come in like usual and then at lunch I'll leave for the day. Then I'll skip out a few minutes later, get my lunch and eat it at home. I've got a feeling that it'll be one of those kinda Fridays.
     Now 10:49AM and that feeling of my boss leaving early has somehow vanished. Even though there has been no calls of business coming in or going out I think my boss will be here most of the day. Oh well, I don't have that much work to do so I'm listening to music, watching some video's, but when I hear him coming my way I switch back to work stuff and continue what I was doing. Maybe he'll stay for no reason other than because yesterday was great for me. Another karma day that I haven't had in a while. It's keeps me grounded, I think.
     On to a different topic, I've been playing the ukulele a lot more this past couple days. Like if I wanted to play something, the ukulele would be picked up first. I need to learn some new song on it to make myself better at it. I think it's an underrated instrument. I did learn to play "Cry Baby Cry" by the Beatles on piano the other day. I need to start playing other songs besides the Beatles. The other day I was playing guitar and all the songs I played were Beatles songs, I later realized that I need to look up some new music. I listened to Fistful of Mercy's album when I was driving home yesterday. One song I really like is "Father's Son". All the others are okay but not really catchy but I've only heard the album one and half times. There are a couple songs that are repetitive, saying the same one or two lines over and over, which I don't think is good. I popped in the Muse album this morning and It's okay too. I haven't finished it but the songs are good. Alternative Rock meets Classical with a little Techno sounds. Fistful of Mercy sounded like Crosby, Stills, & Nash with Alternative Rock and Folk. I like'em both is what matters. I'm trying to expand my musical vocabulary with new music styles.
     It's 11:45AM and I went to bathroom and on the way to see if my boss was sleeping, he was. Going to the bathroom usually wakes him up. I didn't check on my way back to see if you was up. The phone rang, it was a recording telemarketer, he's probably up now but I still don't hear anything moving in there. Once you've been working somewhere for a while, you pick up on sounds that indicate something. When I hear the combination of the squeak in my bosses chair when he gets up and the closing of his briefcase, I know that he's leaving for the day. I got up to blow my nose and my boss came in to ask how was on the phone. I told him it was a telemarketer and now in the bathroom. Sometimes that's a sign that he's leaving. But is it for lunch or for the day. Time will shortly tell. Also him having a late lunch means he's waiting on someone (probably girlfriend) to get here so he can goto lunch, then go. Dang, he came and said "I'm going to lunch then I'm going to stop by the bank (that we're constructing), I'll be back".
     I want to lunch as well and now I'm back. Listening to Bubba the Love Sponge while in my truck eating my lunch. He's the new wave redneck version of Howard Stern. Since I've pretty much have done all of my Christmas shopping (After work I got some stuff for other family members), I thought about getting something for myself. After I do some math I'll wonder what I'll get. I was looking up camera's that also take good HD 720p video and I think I've settled on a good camera. It's a Canon Power Shot SD1400 IS. I like looking up products to get or give. Compare prices and to see what all functions it can do. I'll be saving up a little for this splurge. With that camera I can shot HD videos for my YouTube channel, take better quality pictures f my paintings, and so on. Anyway, hopefully your day is going great and you'll later read from me. My life is exciting, later.

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