Saturday, December 4, 2010

I use words that start with "Some" in front of it all the time. Sorry if that annoys you.

     Heynow. It's been yet another uneventful Saturday. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't post anything on here because nothing really happened but I'm bored. Listening to my iTunes "Pearl Jam - Just Breathe". I need to learn that song, it's a good one. I have some cold earl grey tea to my left on an old wooden stool. The stool I used to play drums on. Now I use it to prop my feet (sometimes) or put my tea on. I do miss playing drums. It's gets all my anger out. Now I have one less outlet for anger. Sometimes that madness turns to sadness and my apartment is my blanket. I did goto Walgreen's to get some allergy medicine that I ran out of. Today was a cold, gray skied, slushy day. Not all that great. I'm thinking about vlogging again but I'd like to get a better camera. I looked up a few cameras and a really good one costs from $160 to $200. So I guess I won't be getting one soon. Using the camera around public places and everyone looking at me somehow makes me not have so much anxiety. It's weird but it sometimes works. I feel like I need to have something human watching me to make me feel human. I still need to get some ideas for the green screen stuff. Something that's never been done is hard to figure out. I'll think of something when I get into the grove of it. Sometimes when I watch something or see something creative, it'll make me think of different ideas. I just focus on one thing like song writing or painting. I feel like tonight won't be one of those times. It's 11:16PM on a Sat. night. I have send some messages on a dating website so that's something out of the ordinary. The two I send were interesting personally and were physically very cute to me. Hopefully something good will come out of it. I was productive today, I finally fixed this old office chair, one of the wooden legs were loose so I glued it and the chair squeaks so I used some WD-40 to make it lubricated. I just sipped some of my tea and for some reason, it tasted like fruity pebbles cereal. Quite weird, cold earl grey tea tastes like a fruity cereal. Okay, I'm getting sleepy and I'll stop now. My life is exciting, later.

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