Thursday, December 23, 2010

Outdoor Wallpaper!

     Heynow. I'm doing this blog a little early than usual, I guess I'm bored now than later in the day. It's 8:35AM on Thursday (Christmas Eve Eve), I'm off tomorrow plus it's pay day, WOOHOO!" Last night I didn't really do anything besides play Punch Out and won a match against Soda Popinski. Next is Bald Bull, I might do that tonight. Today is going slow today, it's now 10:09AM and my boss already gave me my check without me giving him my time sheet. I need to get a haircut today. I'll probably do that after work, if I can remember to do it. Hopefully, my boss will leave early since no one has called this week.
     I had this idea to use the work plotter (basically a large printer) to make wallpaper for my room. I know, it's basically stealing but I've done a lot of "off the project stuff" for my boss like drawing out his grandson's house for no charge. So I thought about getting a large picture off here and plotting them off in sections and then putting them in order on a bed room wall. That would be cool. I like the views of mountains and partly cloudy blue skies with green grass and trees, so I found a few that I really like. I'm not sure if I should do it or not. Actually I should probably decide on which wall I need to do it on and measure it to get the whole wall. Okay, I've got the wall (in my mind that I wanna do) and it's the living room wall that is on the opposite of the front door so when you enter, there it is.
     It's now 1:47PM and the day seems to be getting a little bit faster. Dang, it's 2:20PM now. Time flies when your reading this. My boss hasn't came back from lunch yet. I hope he just gets his present here (That I wrapped for him) and goes home early. Come on already! It's now 3:12PM and my boss hasn't come in yet. My boss finally came in at 3:49PM. Ugh, just go already! I need to get a haircut and I don't know when they close; it might be 5 o'clock. 4:20PM, weed time and I'm still at work because my boss is still here (I don't smoke weed). OKAY! It's now 4:38PM and I'm outta here! Later

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