Thursday, December 2, 2010

No Work Friday!

     Heynow. I'm at work. What's new? There was an accident when I was going home yesterday. I had to take a detour, I was so far from the accident that I couldn't see anything. When I finally got home, I looked and waited to see something on the news. Apparently, three cars were in the crash (no word on injuries or anything like that at the time), and one of the cars hit a gas line and caused an explosion. The fire department hosed off the remaining fire and that's all the news I heard. I don't watch the news all that much because of negativity and everyone talking about how bad it is these days, it bums me out.
     Anyway, that night I didn't really do that much. I mainly played Golden Eye Wii online. It's so much fun to yell and stuff when playing. It's some sort of "Gamer Tourettes". When ever I get killed I say things that I wouldn't normally say, like: "F***! You a**hole!" or I'll kill someone and say something like: "Yeah b**** you ain't got nuthin!" or I get close to killing someone and they kill me first "AWW! I killed you a**! That's bulls***!". I guess every gamer has some form of Gamer Tourettes. I do have some paintings to do but I need to save up and get some canvases. I am going to get all my coins (except the quarters for laundry, which I need to do today) and go to the coin star and make it into paper. I've always gone to the bank and done it. Maybe I should still do it and then put it into my account. On a unrelated note, my boss came to me and he said that he won't be here tomorrow, on Friday. So I'll be here about 3/8 of the day. No so much 1/2" and 1/4" of the day at work. There is that 50th anniversary thing at the college at 11:00AM that I'm still debating on going to. I'll sleep late, get to work check on things, then maybe goto that event at the college, then maybe do some work, and finally head home early. I love my job sometimes :).
     I just got paid and I feel better about my finances. After I get all my change into cash I'll get some more canvases. I think all I need is 2 12"x12". Allison wants me to do another painting (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and I have another painting I want done (George Harrison). I photoshopped the pictures and here they are.

     I think I'll look up George's favorite color and use it instead of black. I looked it up and his favorite color is: Purple. I'll make a good looking darkish purple color when I paint it. My boss is gone for the day and for tomorrow. He left at 3:40PM. I still need to plot out a set of plans but I can do that now. Tonight the plan is, do laundry while going back to my apartment and playing Golden Eye Wii. Let the shotgun ringing in your ears begin. My life is exciting, later.

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