Monday, December 27, 2010

Classy Christmas with Bad Sweaters

     Heynow. It's a few days after Christmas and here's what I got: Underwear, Remote Control Helicopter, Art Supplies (Paint, Paint Brushes & more Paint), Bed Sheets, Body Wash w/ Body Spray, $100, and some more tools. It's Monday and I had work today but I didn't go. I have a few days to spend (with pay) before the year is over. Plus it snowed a bit last night. It's now melted and the roads are clear. I have done nothing today. Well nothing very productive. I've gotten better at my helicopter skills and have watched most of my DVR'ed stuff. I'm listening to Abbey Road on vinyl at the moment.
     As you can see from the photos above I spent some of my Christmas festivities at the Jones' house. On Christmas Eve, they were having a "Worst Sweater Contest" in which no one really won, we just laughed at the situation and all the sweaters. The girls [Mollie (the one on the right), Megan, Kara, & (Sis-in-Law) Ashley] took a lot of photos and these are just a few. Thanks to Mom, me and Casey had the "Best Worst" sweaters. I'm not sure if we returned the sweaters but Casey knows where there at if mom wants them back. Earlier that night, we (the Smith's) had Christmas on the Eve since Sean, Kristin, and Kailyn were making their own memories in Frankfort. They came in and we all had dinner and opened presents. When Kailyn saw my remote control helicopter, she wanted to play and I let her. After awhile she got the hang of it. She was better than me since I've never flown one before. Then it was time for them to leave, Casey and Ashley headed to the Jones'. I was invited so I went. Woah, I Quentin Tarantino'ed that story. Later that night we played board games while it snowed hard outside. I rode with Casey & Ashley to their house (because they had a 4X4 vehicle) and spent the night there. I woke up with Casey in his chair watching TV then watching "A Christmas Story". At 2 o'clock we were going to head back to the Jones' for Christmas. After they opened their presents, I left in my truck to go back to my parents house to eat. They weren't doing anything so I just hung out with them for the day. That night it started snowing again so I couldn't go back to my apartment. I spent the night there and woke up with everyone up. Dad was outside shoveling some snow and mom watching TV. Mom made breakfast and later that day, I helped Dad clear the hill so I could go home. Once I got off the hill, the roads were alright. I had to get some gas so I stopped in and got something to drink and some chips in Pineville, KY. It's now 11:07PM and I probably need to get to bed soon. I haven't changed out of my pajama's today, that's some sort of goal and some sort of shame in that. Oh well, my life is exciting, later.

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