Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paintings, Music, Work

     Heynow. I'm at work this time. My boss is to my left checking my work. Whatever changes that has to be made, he marks it with a red pen. I'm typing to make myself look busy. I texted my mom, to see what the plans were for Thanksgiving. It's lunch at 12:00pm. Sean's not coming, he's having his own Thanksgiving at his house in Frankfort. Mom said that we're invited though. So I don't know if I can even goto both. It'll be a three hour drive from Frankfort to Tazewell for me, which will suck, unless I spend the night, which probably won't happen. I will probably take Friday off. Mom doesn't have that day off and I'm guessing that Dad doesn't either. Oh well, today had been not so productive at work. I've been mainly watching Seinfeld bloopers on YouTube. Yeah, there have been changes in the drawings and I have typed out specifications but that was easy stuff. I like my job, if something needs to be done, it is in about fifteen minutes and then I'm done for the day. I then have to wait on my boss or someone else to approve it. An unexperienced drafter would take longer to do what I do. I know the program, I know how it works, I can simplify it. Thank goodness I've been experienced in this from high school. My boss got up to goto the bathroom. He's been doing that a lot lately. I got my three paintings done yesterday (well, I painted two yesterday and one earlier) but these three are going to Allison McDaniel for her nephew for Christmas. Here they are:

Guns N Roses - Slash

AC/DC - Angus Young

Led Zeppelin - Angel Logo
     Thank you so much Allison, I had fun painting all of these. Speaking of art, I am still working on that candle wax sculpture. I like adding wax on it over and over. It just looks awesome. I'll try to post a picture when I think I'm done with it. With those paintings out of the way, all is left is my personal paintings that I'm going to hang up in my apartment. I can procrastinate on those since there's no pressure and deadline. 
     Crap, I think I have a lot of changes to make on those set of drawings. My boss has been there for quite a while and he has written down a few things. Hopefully it's not too much. Wow, I feel sleepy now. Crap! I was right. I've got a lot of work now. A lot of details that doesn't need to be explained but since everyone doesn't know how to read a map, I have to repeat, repeat, repeat.
     Anyway, before I was hit with work stuff, I was going to recommend an album to you. First off, I don't like country music but I have been a fan of this guys work for a few years, his name is Darrell Scott. His album this year "A Crooked Road" is a great album. To let you hear some of his stuff click below.
     If you can get any album of his, I highly recommend it. I may have told this story but I crashed his family reunion a few years ago and I got to meet him for a few minutes. His whole family can play an instrument and it's awesome to see live. He played a few songs more than twice and each time, he played it a different way. He is very gifted, and I wish I could play guitar / song write like him. Alrighty then, I guess I'll do some work now since it's 3:32PM and I leave at 5. My life is exciting, later.

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