Tuesday, November 30, 2010


     Heynow. I'm here at work and It has rained all day. In some places, I've heard that school has left early because of flooding. At work we have a creek next to the office and it is overflowing than usual. But the office is set up 6' over and the creek is still in the creek. I wish I could go home early because of flooding and snow. That's probably the number feeling I'd like to get back from the school years. That feeling of "YES! I get to go home early and watch TV or play in the snow or whatever". At work, (depending who you work for) most of the time, you still gotta be there. If it was really bad and dangerous, my boss would say something, a pretty much last minute thing before things get out of hand kinda leave. I guess it would be time to leave if the water has gone up to my truck, like an inch on my tires and rain was not going to stop. I'm still here though. Okay some time has passed and it's now 3:30PM. I took a break to see the creek and it's about 6 inches away to be overflowed. There's a lot of brush, tree branches, and garbage being sucking in under a bridge and it's overflowing in that way. If it keeps raining, the water will be at my truck and on the roads in no time. I just looked at the radar map on the internet and it looks like it'll be staying around for today / tonight. Actually tonight "Rain to Snow", that's not good for road conditions. The weather thingy also said that it won't rain tomorrow, it'll be sunny. That's good. Okay off of weather now.
     Last night I finished the IronMan painting. I did the yellow on day and the red last night. The red part was the most time consuming. About three and a half hours of painting. Here's the end result:
     Sorry, it's not for sale. It's for me. It might be my favorite right now. It has a lot of small details and the way I painted it brings it out with the close up different shades of the red. I hope that made sense. It's a boring day at the office. The morning had the same light of day like now so sometimes its hard to tell time from memory. It's 4:17PM, about the time the boss leaves. Yesterday he stayed until 4:50PM. Very unusual for him. If it's 4:20 he's more than likely already out the door. He finally left at 4:46PM and he has a doctor appointment in Knoxville so my new plan tomorrow morning is to sleep late :). I don't think he'll have a lot of calls tomorrow anyway. Okay, I'm headed home and hopefully the roads there are not too flooded. My life is exciting, later.

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