Friday, November 19, 2010

Early Friday!

     Heynow. It's Friday, and hopefully my boss will leave really early today. I've actually got things to do at home. Like paint and play Goldeneye Wii. I think it's the "Black Ops" for the wii. Apparently Black Ops is the shit (meaning awesome) for Xbox 360. If I get either brother for Christmas Secret Santa I think I'll try and get that game if they don't have it already. I think it's okay, they don't read this *silently weeps* LMAO. But I do need to paint three canvases today, well not all of them today but as soon as possible so I can finish with painting for a while. After those three I still have two to paint. One Iron Man painting and making another John Lennon for myself. That first one just came out so good. I was thinking about doing one for George with the White album photo close up. I might do that one later for myself. When I first started painting, I moved to an apartment that doesn't allow you to paint the walls, so instead I paint pictures to hang on the walls. Then someone wanted to buy a couple and the light bulb lit up. "Hey, I can make some money out of this." So far I've had four customers. Okay enough of the painting stuff.
     Hmm...As you might know now, I'm at work. I actually have some work to do but still I procrastinate to write in my personal journal for all the world to see (if they type in the right letters in the address box). You know what? That's a bit creepy. I'm writing in a "diary" that anyone can see. That's weird, but then again I'm weird. At the same time, why do people on social networking website complain about anything. It's stupid. Are you looking for a "pick me up"? Pick yourself up. I can understand complaining to vent or your actually upset with something but come on! Every time one or more friends post something, it's usually "Oh! I'm sick AGAIN" then they do something like this "Dear cold, I hate you! sincerely, me" which is dumb too. Really? Your sending a letter to your cold through facebook? I just don't think that shows a sign of intelligence. I know, I can be dumb but usually it's for comedy purposes. I do find it ironic that I'm complaining about other people complaining but it's all they say! They have nothing positive to say. It's sad really. I don't a lot around me. The only thing is a good job and a great family. Friends are not calling me or hanging out , I haven't made friends in Tazewell because I live around meth heads, no girlfriend. But I've got activities to do. Okay enough of that stuff.
     I got some good news with some sneaking around the office. Actually I was going to the bathroom and I ever heard that my boss will be leaving at lunch, maybe. If that fax will come in on time. We've got about three projects going on at once. It's times like these that I wish I had someone help me out. Just do the simple stuff and let me do the harder tasks (TWSS). Someone to take calls, copy some files, and pick out files to give to the boss when he asks for them, oh well. My neck is still hurting from yesterday. I'm pretty sure I slept on it weird. I tried to slept on it the other way to make it somehow better, it kinda worked. I'm going to try to learn "I Will" by the Beatles on guitar today. I picked up the tab a few minutes ago. It's a good song to sing to a girlfriend or girl in general that you like. Dang, still no fax yet. You've got about T-45 minutes to send that fax or my boss might stay all day. It's great having a job that lets you go early on Fridays, when ever you want. Even the boss says sometimes "If there's not a lot going on, skip at early." "Yes!" is what I say inside my mind. Everybody now are talking about the new Harry Potter movie. Me? I am one of those people who has never read a book or seen a movie, because IT'S WITCHCRAFT! No I'm kidding but it's true...o_O. I dunno, I like reading but I wasn't into it. Wrong place wrong time I guess. Plus I try not to go into trends that much and if I do it'll be something I'll like for life. My life is exciting, later.

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