Monday, October 25, 2010

Vlog's, Working Somewhere Else, Scars

     Heynow. In case you missed last week, I did all vlog's! My boss was on vacation and I was at work alone and was trying to figure out stuff to do and vloging for a week crossed my mind so I thought "Why not." Here are the links:
Saturday / Sunday

     I got a few ideas on entertaining people while doing vlogs. Which is cool, I find myself not entertaining when it comes to videoing myself. I feel that I always have nothing to do. People have interesting lives and I have an apartment by myself and I work with no one besides my boss who is in his 80's. Wow, now realizing that he's at that age, I probably need to find another job to fall back on. Vaughn & Melton Engineering is right next door, so they might take me in. It's a lot like my job here but they mainly do site work. I do have a good reputation with them. When ever I need a copy of a 36"x24" sheet of paper, I just go in the back and do it myself. I even know how to put another roll of paper in the machine. I know a few people there too. Plus my senior year of high school, the drafting teacher's brother is the co-founder, Mr. Melton. So if my boss ever retires I have a very good chance to get a job there. It's a good company from what I see.
     I'm still sore from Saturday night being at that haunted jail. I was in a cell with a mask and I had to bang the bars with a rusty pipe, jump around and yell. Well I jumped around alright, my left elbow smashed into a thick rusty beam and my right foot got stuck between bars when I was jumping down from climbing on the bars. I have some scratches and blisters on my left hand from handling that rusty pipe. My voice is still a little sore from screaming. I took some nighttime cough / sore throat syrup last night and that helped with my throat and with my sleeping.
     Other than that stuff, that's all I have to say. More tomorrow I guess. Later

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