Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My DBF / Columbus Weekend

     Heynow. I'm really sleepy this morning. While I was taking a shower, I was falling asleep and I was shampooing my hair. I was slipping into R.E.M. while standing and moving my hands on my head, it was relaxing. I'm still sleepy at work. My weekend was actually pretty good.
     Friday: I got off work early, which happens quite often on Friday's and I like it. I went to Wal-Mart to finally get an eye exam. The exam costs $51. So if I was fine that was $51 of assurance. But as it turns out I do need glasses. I have an astigmatism in both my eyes; my right eye is worse than my left. I should get my glasses on Friday (10/15). Apparently, the frames are really expensive. The one I picked out was $118. I just thought that the frames I picked was all the same price but I was wrong to assume that. I asked the guy if I can bring in some frames to see if they can put in the lenses and he said "Yeah, just bring in the frames and we can put them in for $10, not including the lenses." I replied "Great, the frames I have cost $10." I'm a cheap person. I guess that's why I don't have a credit card and not in debt. I don't want to be in debt ever. I'm guessing if I got a girlfriend, I'd be in a little debt but it would be worth it. I do need to get some sort of credit card and get great credit. that evening, I had to drive to Mom and Dad's to dog sit. They were there that night and was going to leave in the morning. I went to the Daniel Boone Festival for a few minutes and saw Dave for a few seconds, then left and saw Casey and Ashley for a while. After that, went back to my parents and went to bed.
     Saturday: Woke up, mom and dad left to goto Pennsylvania to see my dad's sister, and I was alone with the dog. I was laying around until I took some paintings to Ashley's furniture booth at the Arts & Crafts section at DBF. I hung out with Ashley, her mom, and dad almost all day at the booth. I sold my Dwight Schrute painting for $20, so that was awesome. They also sold a bunch of items at their booth. Later on that day, I saw an old elementary friend. She bought a painting from Ashley's sister. I was thinking about asking her out but my anxiety came in and I choked. I might still ask her out on the phone (if I had her number) or message her on Facebook (but does it seem weird to message someone, asking him/her out to a date?). Then again I had an ex-girlfriend that was friends with her so it might be weird. Actually the ex and I are still friendly so I don't know. If she is reading this "Hey, do you wanna go out sometime? Go see a movie, dinner, on a walk, and to catch up on each others lives." That night, my friend Chris came over and we hung out all night. We played music, talked man to man, and laughed; it was a great time. I need to hang out with him more often.
     Sunday: I woke up at 1 o'clock groggy and watched football all day. Belle the dog, was not moving a lot that day because Chris was playing with her last night and she is almost 14 years old. When I noticed that she wasn't moving, it made me realize that she probably doesn't have much longer to live. Just that thought made me sad to see her go too soon. She is a wonderful dog and a member of the Smith family. Sunday night, I went to Casey's house and hung out with him and Molly, while watching Sunday Night Football. When Mollie and I were chatting through Facebook (sitting 10 feet from each other), Casey was snoring in his chair. We were debating who would wake him up. I did but I'm guessing he went back to sleep. When I woke him up, I was leaving to go to my parents house to spend another night there.
     Monday (Columbus Day): Woke up fell out of bed, dragged a comb through my head (Beatles reference). I really didn't do anything that day. I was just lazy and was either in front of the TV or computer. I did do some little things like laundry, clean the house a little, and learned a few songs on acoustic guitar. Mom and Dad was going to be home around 7pm. I left the house around 6 pm to deliver a painting to Mom's friend ($30 but gave me two extra dollars) from work, then went to my apartment. I did make a pit stop to get some more canvas's at Big Lots. When I finally got home I was really relieved to just be home. I just listened to music and relaxed until brushing my teeth then bedtime. I guess that's it for today. Later.

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