Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Always Working, Orthodontist, Daniel Boone Festival

     Heynow! It's exactly 2:00pm now. My boss is gone. Actually he has been gone for most of the day. He came in late around 9:10am (I have to come in at 8:00am to make coffee, that I don't drink. I'm a tea kinda person and then I barely drink it) and about an hour after he came in he left. Oh well, I've had things to do here, kinda.
     I had an orthodontist appointment today. I've had braces since August of 2005. I have had braces for fives years. That is unbelievable to me. I take good care of my teeth. The mistake was going to Tucson, AZ for one summer and missing four appointments. Really?! Those four months were crucial to my teeth being formed. I might go into the record books for having braces for five years starting at age 19 and ending at 24 (hopefully), how embarrassing. I'll be happy to get them off, I'll tell you that. I don't talk that much so I'll probably have my retainer in all the time. The only time is when I brush my teeth, eat and talk on the phone at work which I barely do, even though I am the only worker here. My boss came in at 2:20pm. With no calls for him to return. Anyway, I guess I'll have these braces off by the beginning of 2011. I just gotta keep these rubber bands in my mouth. Sorry again for rambling but I'll try to some jokes in there to keep things lite. I am talking negative about it but then again I'm making a lighter side of it, like in Mad magazine. I haven't read that magazine in years. I might have a few older copies in my old room closet at my parents house. A.D.D. typing kicking in. I hope that's a syndrome so I don't seem too nutty.
     Daniel Boone Festival (or DBF) is pretty much here. I'll probably be there on Friday night. That's when you see everyone from high school or something. The last couple years it's just been me and Dave walking around. That and random people that know me through my parents and I have no idea who they are. Of course asking questions and I don't know the answer to. One of my favorite questions from last year was "Has you mother done her taxes this year?" I wish I had replied "I sure hope so, if not my families going to jail. Thanks for ratting us out". Apparently that lady did our taxes and didn't do a good enough job to get it the next year. Now I know why. She's a dunce! Anyway, I guess me, Dave, and his entourage will be going to DBF this year. Maybe see some old friends from high school. Hopefully the good have a good life and the bad have a hard life, but nothing too hard. I'm not that bad of a person. I hope it'll be fun for everyone.
     So Kim wants a total of four paintings of the Beatles. I'm actually almost finished with the Abbey Road painting. Yesterday I made a drawing on Paint.net for fun (and because I didn't have much to do).
     I painted in the blue part yesterday. The blue on the painting is actually darker (Cobalt Blue). I might need to lighten it up the coat today. I'll be hopefully finishing this one today. All that's left is the black part and maybe another coat of blue. Maybe I'll pay a visit to Kim tomorrow with her three delivered paintings. I'll then stop by my parents house to see them for a bit. I may need to copyright the Abbey Road body drawings. I drew that myself on the computer for a tattoo design months ago. I might be able to sell it to a few tattoo shops to give me some money to use my design. I dunno, they might have an even better version of this. I did how ever catch something wrong with my drawing. All the skin parts are showing except Paul's bare feet. It might not look right, white foot skin on white crosswalk. I might edge it out. I'll edge it first to see if it looks okay and if it doesn't I'll fill it in. Well I've filled you in on today so far and last night. Until tomorrow, Later.

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