Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pixel Art For Sale!!!

     Heynow! Lately I've been into wood working and now I've figured out a cool way to add painting to it, Pixel Art. I've seen some other posts on Etsy and said to myself "I can do that" so I did. Finding the wood and the right thickness is a little weird in my area. I don't have a Lowes or a Home Depot around unless I drive an hour to get it. I do have an 84 Lumber close by. So the first time I got AN 1/8" luan plywood that is used for flooring (I think) then gridded out a design for a:

NES Super Mario Bros. Cloud

     At the time, I didn't have any tools so I had to drive to my parents to work on it. There was one week where I had to dog sit and I was happy to work on it. Of course for the first time, it was a learning experience. Since the first one, it's been a blur of which piece came next and how much wood I've bought but it's been fun from my parents carport to my apartment kitchen cutting out the edges of wood onto a piece of tarp on the ground. There are some piece that have sold but some are still up for sale and I have a few more ideas coming but here's what all I've made:

Duck Hunt - Duck

Super Mario Bros. 3 - Fire Flower, Ice Flower & Question Mark Block

Super Mario Bros. 3 - Ghost

Super Mario Bros. 3 - SNES style

Super Mario Bros. 3 - Question Mark Block

Star Wars - R2D2 (Front - Stand Up)

Star Wars - R2D2 (Rear view)

The Legend of Zelda - Link's Hylian Shield

     Check out all my art pieces on my Etsy page HERE. Thanks for viewing and I'm going to post all my Pixel Art templates and you can vote on which one you want to see next or make a request and I can make you a personal art piece. Just ask and I can give you a quote. Thanks again, later peeps.

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