Thursday, April 26, 2012

8-Bit Adventures

     Heynow, it has been a long time since I have posted but I figured I would update somethings. Last Sunday, Angel set up my birthday party and I had a good time. My birthday is actually on the 30th on Monday but it was the only weekend she had off in like six months. My brother, Casey, and friend Zac came by. My old neighbors Phillip and Michelle, and Angel's cousin (who I don't like but I tolerate) with her boyfriend and her kid (who I don't really like either) also came. Other than that stuff, the party went well.
     Angel has been going to Lexington for her teeth. She found a dentist school that has been doing her teeth work for FREE. The guy doing it actually gave her $200 for traveling. I think there's one more appointment and it'll be done. Luckily, the guy is good at it and hasn't messed up or anything. While in Lexington, Angel has been spending the night at her dad's house with her dad and grandma. She's been really annoyed that her dad has been with a married woman and the woman is bad news. It seems every time she visits, he is always on the phone with her. Her dad can be annoying but he seems okay. It just seems like with Angel's family, there's always some sort of drama and I hate drama. People that talk behind peoples backs.
     Angel and I got a new apartment. Believe me, it is way BIGGER. Thank goodness it is. It's a two bedroom and I had no help packing up everything. When we got the keys to move in, I got them on Monday. So I thought, throughout the week I'll take small boxes and get whatever I can while Angel's at work and on Friday (which was the last day we had to move or the landlady would have to charge us for staying) I would take work off and get the heavy stuff. So I went on Facebook, Twitter, and texted friends to see if anyone would help. So apparently, I don't have any friends. Any good ones anyway. I couldn't count how many times I have helped someone move. I've actually done it for a friend of a friend. And for the party, my past best friends couldn't make it. I'm very understanding but come on. How busy are you? It's on a Sunday and you're working (yes you're). How come people can't get the grasp of "your" and you're". It means " you are" dingus. Sorry, I got off the subject but it sucks that friends let you down sometimes and lately its been more than less. I feel like, if I could put this into audio, I would be more honest. I don't want people to be mad at me for what I type and if it was said they would not catch it. I feel like it would pass right by them but if it's written, your brain comprehends it better and you can refer to it faster.
     Anyway, I've been working and sometimes I've been doing some graphics. Here are a few:

Contra 3D 8-Bit

Link 3D 8-Bit - The Legend of Zelda

Super Mario Bros. 3D 8-Bit

Megaman 3D 8-Bit

Samus 3D 8-Bit

Sonic 3D 8-Bit

The Beatles - Abbey Road - Super Mario Bros. 8-Bit

Iron Man - Avengers 8-Bit

Iron Man 8-bit

     Well, I guess that's it. It's been while. If anyone has a question for me, just ask. Later peeps.

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