Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paintings For Sale and Other Stuff

     Heynow. So the painting thing has kinda burned me out on doing anymore. I have two paintings that were requested and now they have not paid for them. One is over a month old and the other is almost a year old! if I do anymore for anyone, I'm going to get some money up front, like 50% or something. I'm tried of doing a painting and them flaking out and I'm stuck with it somewhere. I still have some paintings up for sale if anyone is interested, I'll put links below:
Angus Young from AC/DC
Boba Fett from Star Wars
Darth Vader from Star Wars
The Beatles "Help!" Album Cover
The Bealtes "Sgt. Peppers" Pop Art

     I also have some other items on Craigslist if anyone wants to look: Camber 12" Crash (Drum Cymbal)Camber C4000 20" Rock Ride (Drum Cymbal)Logitech QuickCam (WebCam)PlayStation 1 System & 16 Games, and a Flip Mino Camcorder.

     Other than that stuff, life is pretty good. Angel and I are happy. Oh yeah, we got new furniture this month from EZ Rentals down the street. I was nervous at first but once anything was setup, it looked awesome. We got an Ashley Couch, Love-seat, a Toshiba 42" Plasma TV (Newer one that doesn't mess up the screen) and a TV stand for $135 a month. That's not bad and if you're late on your payment, they only charge $5. I think that's a good deal. Hopefully, Angel and I will get payments done and everything good happens. I don't know, I just want good things to happen and that money won't be a problem to use for a while.

     Anyway, here are some painting/tattoo/graffiti ideas:
The Bealtes - Apple

The Beatles

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Wall (T-shirt Design)

Guitar Tree
(Still working on it)


Hello Kitty - Maneki Neko
(Angel's Tattoo Idea)

     I guess that's it for now, thanks for checking me out. Later peeps.