Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dark Side of The Wall

     Heynow, it has been a while. So work, relationship, and being active have been the majority of my life lately and I'm glad. Okay, I have made a few designs and that's why this blog has been so popular so here you go:

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Wall

A fairly easy one to figure out. I made this design and put it on a blank baseball shirt and it looks good.

     Okay, this one I did a look time ago when I had long hair and I recorded enough songs to put on an album. If you haven't guessed, it looks a lot like the "John Lennon - Imagine" album artwork. Yeah, that album at the time was very inspirational to me. My band is "Eric Smith & The Grasshoppers" with the album "Subject to Change". It's basically me doing all the recording parts and if someone wants to play, that's great and they are part of the band with no hassles. 

     But anyway I thought that Pink Floyd design was cool and I thought I would share it with you.

    In personal news, I have bed bugs in my bedroom. I got some protective covers for the box-spring and mattress, I need to wash my sheets in HOT water. I have washed my sheets before but not in hot water, I forgot about that. So hopefully some vinegar will do the trick and kill everything and not damage any clothing too. I'm gonna put my clothes through that and hopefully they won't shrink. Anyway, life is pretty good and the relationship is great. Soooooo, my life is boring. Later

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