Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Steady As It Goes

     Heynow. It's quite a while since I've made a post. I'll try and recap whats been going on. Angel and I are dating and this weekend, she is coming down to meet my parents and Casey & Ashley. The week after, I think we are going to Lexington to visit her dad. Life is great. I haven't been this happy....ever. I have a job that I like (I'm close to), I have a girlfriend, and there's not a lot of drama. The only thing is money. Of course it's still a thing but I'm thinking of ways to get a better education and job. Whether it's a state job or going to UK to get a bachelors degree.
     Which reminds me, I need to get started on my portfolio. And I need to get a UK portfolio application. I was working on the UT application and since I live in Kentucky now, tuition will be a little cheaper. I think I have to pay for an application like last time. Lets hope not, I'm going to check now. SON OF A BITCH! I had to apply by Feb. 1st. Now I have to wait till next year if I wanna do it. This sucks. Now the only option is to work somewhere else. I won't do that till this job goes under. This sucks, I really wanted to do it this time. Wait, am I a undergrad or grad? I got a associates from Southeast Community & Technical College. I'm so confused. I forget all the terms and stuff. Ah crap, after looking further into it, it had to be done before Jan. 15th. I am so late on everything. I just don't get it sometimes. I could still try and goto UT. I don't know. Maybe just look for a state job or go to Vaughn & Melton. They're right here and in other locations, plus I know a few people there. Just thinking about money and how I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck and if I wanna start a family, I'll have comfortable amount of money so I (and we) can do it. Sometimes I feel like I wanna do something different other than architecture as a career. Like music whether it's an sound engineer, producer, musician, or anything in recording. I don't know. I'm at the point in my life where I feel like doing something else. So much stress I'm not suppose to put on myself. I'm just gonna forget it and just tell everyone that I'm doing a portfolio anyway. So say that I'm trying at least, and even though I'm not doing the portfolio, I'm still trying anyway.
     I guess in the meantime, I can look for a state job on a website and bookmark it so when the time comes, I'll have some sort of plan on looking for a job. Nothing that I could see but I bookmarked it and I'll look on it later when I need to get another job in my field.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Painting / Tattoo Ideas

Heynow. Here's some more painting / tattoo ideas:
The Beatles - Apple

The Big City Sunset

Captain America Shield

Blue Nautical Star

James Bond

The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Kurt Cobain

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Weekend, Sick Monday, Work Tuesday

     Heynow. It's been awhile since I've done one so here we go again. This past weekend was great. I went to Hazard to visit my now "girlfriend", Angel. I drove down and felt like I was there in no time. It's a two hour drive, so when I arrived at her work place to pick her up, I had to pee. I sent her a text saying I'm here but with no answer. Her work is in a plaza and next door was "Tractor Supply" so I went in and went to the bathroom. When I came out, I noticed my phone was on "No .Net Network" which means nothing is coming in and nothing is coming out. So I got worried and tried to to fix it. I usually fix it with calling my office so it finally fixed it. I went back to my truck and added some more deodorant. I waited for a few minutes and as I was looking out the window, she knocked on the passenger side window. She came in and I kissed her. Of course it wasn't the first time but it was a week the last time I saw her. Her plan for the date was to get something to eat and have a picnic somewhere. We finally decided to go to her old high school lunch area outside. I wasn't really hungry so I got some chicken from Wendy's. We had a good time talking and getting close with each other. Later on her sister came by and said hi. Her sister is not shy about talking about anything. Her sister left and we were alone again. We talked some more and then we went to her house to hang out. She lives in the woods but it's a nice place. She has a cat, Tequila, and I told her I was allergic but I wasn't really affected by it. We watched TV for a while and then it was time for bed and we continued to watch TV in bed. Her sister and her boyfriend later came in that night.
     The next morning we got up and she made breakfast. Biscuits, eggs and I made myself some tea. She was out of eggs but we got into my truck and went to the local gas station to get some eggs and milk. After breakfast, her sister and her boyfriend went to London to go to the Flea Market. Angel and I stayed and hung out the rest of the day. But it was time for me to go and she needed to see her mom in the hospital. I didn't want to go and she didn't want me to go either but I had to go. I drove home and forgot about the time change. When I got home, I changed my clocks. We kept texting each other until it was bed time.
     On Monday, I felt sick and dizzy so I took the day off. I just slept and took some medicine. I basically listened to the radio and watched some TV when I was up.
     On Tuesday, I was okay and went to work. It was a slow day until the end of the day. A few people came in and it took awhile to get it settled. I walked home and then ordered some pizza for dinner.
     Today, I'm at work and it's slow right now. The boss is at the post office at the moment. Yeah, that's it. Life is pretty good now that I have a girlfriend. I'll try and get some more painting idea on here too. Well, I guess that's it. My life is boring, later peeps.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Painting Ideas!

Here's some more painting ideas I had:
Eagle Stencil

NES Controller

Strom Tropper - Star Wars

Bob Dylan

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

Unknown Hinson

     I know they're all Black & White but if I actually paint it, I'll add colors. All are at least slightly edited by me. Anyway, that's it today. My life is exciting, later.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Busy Weekend

     Heynow. It's been another busy weekend. On Friday, I got my satellite TV hooked up. That was pretty much the last piece of the puzzle for me completely moving in. I didn't turn on the gas so that's still one less bill to pay. I still have the base board heaters just so I don't freeze to death. That night my parents came by to help me move in a used washer and dryer into my apartment. I actually got both of them for $50. There were some parts missing and I needed to get that. So on Saturday I got up a little early, for a Saturday, to drive to Corbin and get the supplies I needed at Lowe's. It's an hour drive but I needed the stuff. That day, mom and dad were at Sean's house helping him move. So I stayed at my parents house and did laundry and got ready for my date in Manchester.
     That night was a great night, even though it was raining the whole time. I'm not that familiar with Manchester so i didn't know what exactly to do. I mapquested the directions and then tried to find a good place to eat for dinner. I saw a few options but couldn't find the places. Anyway, we met at a gas station and then drove to a Mexican restaurant to eat. We finally met! I was really nervous but not as nervous as she stated. We talked and ate our meal then went to Wal-Mart to walk around. Then it came time to kinda go but instead we kept talking in my truck.  We got closer and closer and I leaned in to kiss and she kissed back. I get really nervous when doing that because I've leaned in before and the other part did not follow through. Anyway, we kissed and it was really awesome. We still talked some more about family, ourselves, and other random things and then we made out. At around 3:00AM and it was time to leave but neither of us really wanted to go. I was totally awake and felt like it was only 10:00PM but the next day I had to help my brother move. We kissed each other goodbye and drove home our separate ways. It was a great night, it was the first time that I've ever met someone on the internet and she was fantastic. It was the first time for her too. So all in all it was an awesome date. I think we are going to alternate each available weekend to see each other. I think I'm going to Hazard the first weekend and then she'll come to Middlesboro. I'm really happy in my dating situation now :). My living is good, my dating is good, I'm getting more exercise, I'm feeling better (even though I kinda feel like something is creeping up) and I'm excited about new beginnings in Spring. I might do a vlog walking home today just to update everything since my last vlog.
     Okay, on Sunday my mom called at 9:12AM to wake me up. I later called Casey to tell him that he needed to pick me up. I got ready and we made our way to Sean's old house in Frankfort. We loaded all the big stuff that was left and headed to his new house. We then unloaded it and then five minutes later, we all drove home. Luckily I slept a little on the way back home. Casey dropped me off at mom and dad's because my clothes were still there and then I headed back to Middlesboro. It was a long ass day. I got home at around 7:30PM. I later then went to bed at 10:30PM. Now it's 11:14AM and I'm at work. I've got somethings to do now so I'll go. My life is exciting, later peeps.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New to me, Used Washer and Dryer?

     Heynow. It's been a few days since I've posted something. I'm at work today and early this morning, Mom called me up. She found out that someone from her work is selling a used washer and dryer for a total of $75. WOW, all that for that much money. So good!
     I just hope that it won't interfere with a date I have on Saturday, in Manchester. Yeah, there's a girl that contacted me on an online dating website and we've been talking almost everyday since February 24th. We started emailing each other on the website, then she gave me her cell phone number and now we have planned a date in Manchester because she lives in Hazard and we wanted to meet half way. I don't know if that was a good idea or not because we don't really know the surroundings. Anyway, I'm thinking it's going to be a good date.
     We got new computers at the office and I think I have updated everything. We've got drawings, letters, contacts, and email going. The only problem left is connecting the computers together to get to the printers. CAD1 has the plotter and CAD2 (which I'm on now) has the printer. So when I have to plot something out I have to save it on a flash drive and then take it to the other computer. I'll figure it out, maybe today.
     I hope the rest of the week will be great. Hopefully I can get the washer and dryer tomorrow and have some clean clothes to wear for my date. Wish me luck. My life is boring, later.