Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Technical Tuesday Malfunction (Caution: Rant)

     Heynow. It's been a while since I have updated my exciting life. Let's see if I can remember them all now. Okay my upstairs neighbor, who annoyed everyone in the complex with his loud music and kids, left Monday. On that Monday, I was in Barbourville getting my taxes done. I'll be getting about $1,100 back so I'm excited to get that soon. After that I went to my parents house and mom fixed up some chicken and dumplings. They were of course good and I still have leftovers in the refrigerator. Anyway on Monday the neighbors left and they also took the satellite dish that my TV was connected to (Which your not supposed to do, my neighbor was a douche bag). So Tuesday comes and when I get home from work my TV doesn't work. I called DirecTV and the nice lady said that I needed to call my apartment office to see what has happened to my dish. I called them and they said that the dish installer took off the dish from the roof. Well at that time, the solution was to call a dish installer and have my own dish which would cost $50 to do so. Once my landlord heard that I needed to get a dish, she called them up and yelled at them. I was there for about half of the discussion and laughed that my landlord couldn't hang up the phone with the supervisor. Well, I noticed that there's still a dish above me and was wondering if the maintenance guy could hook up my cable to the dish. He did and now I have TV.
     Yesterday was a technical malfunction kinda day. At work my work computer crapped out on me again. Apparently it was the power supply AGAIN! Somethings wrong with it and its about time for a new work computer. For now, I'm on the other computer that's just about never on. It works but the internet only works for Firefox. So strange but today I was trying to fix it and I think I messed it up so even Firefox doesn't even work. It's hard to get all the IP addresses right with the or 3). Hopefully I'll fix it tomorrow.
     I fixed my iPod a few minutes ago. Yesterday I thought about connecting it to iTunes to update my music and it had to reset it somehow. So okay, this'll take a while. The restore kept freezing and I had to unplugged and replug with the same events. Today I had the idea of restarting my computer and then tried it, boom! it worked and now I have my iPod now. So let's review Technical Tuesday's Malfunction: when to work with the computer not turning on (power supply with a new computer coming my way), then went home to see the TV is out then fixed it in about 2 hours, and then iPod messing up (Fixed today).
     Oh just about forgot the other mess up, a relationship mess up. A friends girlfriend, S., called last night and was asking me questions about a ring that my friend, C., had. I kept it at my apartment here for a while and he picked it up when my TV was just fixed. I gave it to him and we both were happy. I couldn't tell her because I promised I wouldn't tell her. Actually I don't know how she got my number, darn you Facebook (I fixed my privacy settings). Anyway, she was asking and I lied (withheld the truth) to her. As it turns out, she "broke up" with him (for reasons only known between the three) and he had the ring for V day. I called C. and told him about the call from S. He was bummed so I tried to fix the situation. I opened a can of snakes there. I called back S. and told her that he had a ring and I held on to it for him. Now she doesn't believe me or C. She texted me today when getting off work and was still confused on what to believe. I basically told her that C. and S. need to talk to each other and settle it then said something like "if you want him, get him because he wants you". She said, it's not that simple, which it's not but I tried to stay out of it and that didn't help until my last message which was "I don't know, ask him. I'm no in this situation anymore". She replied "Me too, bye". Well, I called C. and told him about the texts and was sorry he got me into this. It's okay, I just hope I'm completely out of that problem.
     Ugh, it's only 9:48PM and after typing all this out, I want to go to bed. I'll stay up a little. I was thinking about sending someone a few flowers to say "Hey, let's go out for real". I don't know her address and I don't know what exactly to get her. I'll try and figure it out. I hope she really likes it and want to continue our good relationship of being friends and turning it into something more personal (If that makes any sense). Well, I'm getting tired and I feel better because this is my ranting place. I should have a nickname called "The Fixer" or at least be a super hero. I fix what others mess up because I'm trying to be a good person. Until next time true believers, my life is exciting. Later

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