Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blazing Saddles

     Heynow. I got another snow day today. So I haven't really done anything. Yeah, so why am I blogging if nothing happened? I don't know. I did download some more music today. Frank Sinatra, Blondie, Sex Pistols, and Boston. What a selection! I've been getting into classical music too. I really wish I had my prop so I could have filmed and edited my video idea. I would have had two days to do it. And I'm really excited to do it all but I need that prop. It sucks that the snow had to come now. I can't get out or anything. I'm making two lists: one for groceries and one for my "hobbies". I'm listening to "Bring'em Back Alive" by Audioslave on my iTunes. Since I've got my new camera, I think after I do the interactive video, I'll try and vlog for a whole month. I could cop out and do it in February (since it's the shortest month) but I think I'll do it in April. Starting it on April Fools day, then ending it on April 30th (My birthday). I think that's a good idea. I think I'll actually announce it to my family (in person) so they know that I'm weird, but they already know that so it'll be business as usual.
     Actually today, I watched a movie that my family has seen over a hundred times (being literal) Blazing Saddles. I love that movie. My dad, my brothers and I can quote it all day and make each other laugh. If you do every see it and I'm there, it's okay if you kick me out if I recite a line every ten seconds. Besides I could probably play the movie in my head and laugh at it that way. I wonder if a company has a Blazing Saddles t-shirt? I'll check it out later.
Do you know the secretary's last name? If so you're a die hard Blazing Saddles fan like me.

     Oh yeah, today I had an orthodontist appointment that I now need to re-sequel. I'll call Thursday since they're only there on Tues. and Thurs. I did workout at the apartment Sunday night and last night and today my stomach hurts from doing about 60 crunches Sunday. I did about 10 today but it's still hurting. But don't you need to workout when it hurts because that's how you build muscle. Well, I still worked out today. Just lifting things and doing simple workout stuff since I don't have any equipment at all. Push ups, Pull ups, crunches, jumping jacks, walking around the apartment, running in place, laying on my back and doing the bicycle thing and stuff like that. I've been eating a little bit more healthy too. I bought some bananas the last time I went grocery shopping and I didn't really care for bananas but now I like them. I've lately lost my appetite a bit and I've a bowl of cereal and a banana for supper the past two nights. I'm okay with it really. I don't need to eat that much anymore. I'm cutting down on food in general. I still like food its just that I don't need a lot of it. Yeah, that's all I have to say about that (Forest Gump reference). My life is exciting, later.


  1. The secretary was Miss Stein. I remember your dad quoting from that movie the day he got back from seeing it at the theater! When he re-enacted the campfire scene, I knew I had to see that movie! I can quote from it--Luke can, too.

    You must be able to quote from Blazing Saddles to be a Smith! :D

  2. Would you believe the word verification for that comment was "horse"? I kid you not!