Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Plans & Money Tree

Heynow. It is Monday yet again and now its time to review my weekend. I'm at work at the moment.
     Friday: I got off work an hour early and I needed to get to the Post Office to get a box to ship a painting. I got there in time and I put all my stuff that I was going to ship in my truck but when I pulling into the parking lot, I forgot the mailing address D'oh! So I took the box and the other post office envelopes to pack up my painting and other items. I have an extra envelope and I randomly put it on my head. As I looked into the mirror, I laughed and thought it looked like the Pope hat. *Light bulb* I can make a sketch about a new character called "Post Office Pope". I have a few script ideas but I need to type them out today. I might get a friend to play the "straight" person, sitting on the couch accepting that I'm not really the Post Office Pope and not caring that his / her roommate is weird and was just asking for a stamp. Well, that's basically the plot line. I might just play both. Post Office Pope standing between the hallway and the living room and the roommate sitting on the couch watching TV. Two different camera shots at two different times. That night, I headed to Barbourville to meet up with an old friend. We stopped at a Dairy Queen and talked until it closed (about two and a half hours). It was a good time telling stories and asking questions that neither one knew about like what's the difference between caffeinated coffee and decaf / how do you make it different. Is it a different coffee bean or is it chemically different? I'm still not sure how to do it but all in all it was a good night. Afterward, I had to sell a painting. I called my client up before and left a voicemail. She texted me back during the Dairy Queen meet so I texted her back when it was over but she never answered. I called again and said I'll be around until 1:00am then I'm going home. I drove around and had the urge to goto the bathroom. I drove to my parents house at 12:30am and tried to call them to tell them that I'm not a robber so don't shoot me and I'm here to stay for a few minutes then heading back to my apartment. I got no answer from both cell phones and entered anyway. Mom was up looking at dad's cell phone when I came to the door. She tried to answer but she couldn't in time. I talked to her for the time I was there (about thirty minutes) and told her about my night and my financial status. They were keeping my niece, Kailyn, that weekend and I felt bad about waking her up. It turned to 1:00am and I was awake from the coffee so I headed home. I kissed my mom goodnight and drove home singing to keep myself awake. I got home at about 1:50am (New record! because no one was around and ALL the lights I had to pass were green) then went to bed. I got up at 1:00pm and the post office window closed at Noon. So I still need to sent my package (TWSS).
     Saturday: I slept late and made breakfast. I cleaned and fixed a few things around the apartment. That was basically my day that day, not too exciting.
     Sunday: I slept a little late but thought it was Monday morning and that's not a great feeling. No football until 7:00pm (Pro Bowl) which no one really watches. I did laundry that day and then downloaded some new music. Iron & Wine new album "Kiss Each Other Clean" which is good (two or three songs I really like and learned one on guitar), new live album by Pearl Jam "Live on Ten Legs" and downloaded some podcasts with the uncensored recording of John Lennon's last interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. Then listened to the other Ricky Gervais Show podcasts that I haven't listen to yet.
     Monday (today): Woke up okay and got to work on time. I need to pay for rent today. I don't have money for groceries this week so I need to give them a check then tell them to hold it until Friday (thursday Payday). But then again, I have enough food for the week besides bread. I looked to see if I could make lunch today and all my bread was moldy. Oh well, I have a debt card and money in the bank until Friday. I need to ask the landlady if they have any single bedroom apartments available and to see if they can either move me there or just let me stay at my apartment now and let me pay for single apartment price. Oh well, It's lunch time and I'll go now.
     I'm back from lunch. I took my W-2 and put it in my truck. I'll call my mom and ask her what I need to do again. I hope I get a big payday with my federal taxes. State taxes I'll have to pay to get and I don't get that much out of state taxes anyway. I've got some codes from last year so it might be easy. I don't know if moving will change anything. I'm sure it will. Moving from state to state and still working in KY. I hope I can do it today and get my money quick and painless. It probably won't happen but I'm still optimistic. I wish I had a money tree. That would be cool. But that can never happen and if it did, I would be a genius and then goto jail. Kinda like the WikiLeaks guy. He's not invading the people privacy, he's putting it on the internet, he's just reporting it. It's like "Shot the Messenger" deal. It sucks what's going on in Egypt. If America has the same kinda thing happen (Basically turning off cell phone services and internet) they'll be a revolution. A lot of people live on the internet, including me. It's were I get my information: weather, news, random information, and anything you can think of. Then it gets shut down! If it happened here, there would be a revolution. I don't get too political but it just sucks what's going on in Egypt and I support the protesters. And that's all I have to say about that. My life is exciting, later peeps.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I pay how much?

     Heynow. Work Blog! It's 12:30PM now and I've been working the past couple days and haven't been able to type the blog. Anyway, I ate my lunch and I'm listening to the radio a little bit. Late night, I was stressed out and I actually took a bath. Just laying in the tube and relaxing but when I washed my hair, water got into my right ear. I HATE THAT! It's still in my ear and I keep trying to clean it out. I feel like my left ear is super powered and my right ear is deaf. When I was about to put on some music through my ear phones, my boss walked up and scared me. And that freaked me out because I didn't hear him. After listening to the radio, my left ear hurts and feels like it's infected. Ugh, I shouldn't have taking a bath and have just taken a shower.
      I've been watching the weather radar and seeing the snow slowly coming my way. Hopefully, it won't be that bad on the roads and everything. I'm ready for spring. I need to leave early and get to the post office because I need to shop a painting to a friend of mine that lives in California. She really liked my paintings so I'm going to surprise her with a painting and a few other mini gifts. Her birthday was on the 20th so it'll be a few days late.
     Ugh, I hate paying rent. I wish it wasn't really high for me. They know I'm living by myself in a two bedroom apartment because they didn't have any one bedroom apartments available at the time. I might ask them if there's any available now so I can move from one side to the other and my rent would be cheaper. Maybe my neighbors won't be that bad either. It's good to blog because I haven't thought about asking for a one bedroom and I'm just thinking out loud. I don't really know how much cheaper it would be though. I think when I entered 1BR = $325 and 2BR = $450. Now rent has gone up $20 so it might be $345 or $350 for a 1BR. That's still better than $470. It's a good thing that I'm a saver. I'll ask the next time I pay my rent which will be this Friday or Monday. Crap, I just looked out and it's pouring the snow now. I hope I leave early today. My ears are really hurting and irritated. This morning I was really sleepy and debated staying in bed and call in sick. But I didn't and made my lunch and drove here. Anyway, I'm done for now, my ears hurt. My life is exciting, later. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Connection Error!

     Heynow. It's a home blog of a review of the day. Oh boy, my work computer's monitor just suddenly went blank. Power was still connected but I couldn't see anything. I was just working on something and it goes black. It all started at around 9:00AM. After about two hours of trying to fix it, my boss called his tech friend, Jim. He came over and looked at it and said "Let me take it to the shop and see what I can do." So he took it back and I had nothing to do. He later called and knew the problem "Your power supply is shot." So my boss and Jim went to a computer sales place a few blocks away from the office. They got it, Jim put it in and it worked. At 3:30PM my computer was working again and I made sure to back-up everything I have been working on lately. But within all those hours of the problem and the solution, I had to listen to my boss bitch about computers and how they are worthless. I wish I would have argued the point that they are useful but I didn't and just laughed and nodded my head. His solution to everything that he can't use is to throw it in the creek/river. But sometimes that's a good thing because Jim pointed out that these computers are over 6 years old. So he showed my boss a few new computers on the internet and told him what they could do better than the ones we have and with a great price. So I thought to myself "Yes! Hopefully he'll get an awesome computer and I might get the "old" one. My personal computer is a laptop. The battery is bad so I have to have it charged and the life of the battery is like twenty minutes now. I checked on eBay and I could get one for about $30 but I don't really go anywhere with my laptop so I'm fine. If I ask my boss for the computer, he might actually give it to me because I think I'ma good employee. I do everything he asks once, I'm on time, I get things done early/right. Yes I procrastinate but that's for me do actually do something when there's no time limit. If it needs to be done, I do it. If I have time, I'll do it but I'll goof off a little.
     Anyway, I didn't really have to have anything done today so the computer thing today was okay. Problem in the morning, solution in the afternoon. While Jim had the computer I read some articles in two "Architectural Record" magazines. I read about two cool articles but when I read the "thrice" [ ;) Conan joke] article, my eyes started to get heavy. I was sitting on the couch, very close to my boss in his office. I could hear him too, he was reading a book too (which happens a lot). He often falls asleep too. So I sat on the couch and began to doze off a little. After a few minutes, my head began to hurt and I stopped. I walked around for a while until Jim came back in with the fixed computer. He hooked it back up and started the conversation about new computers. After that conversion, they went to my bosses office to talk some more. I backed-up my work and sent an email. Jim left and soon my boss followed. I soon enough followed too but then I remembered that I needed to go grocery shopping. I ended up at Wal-Mart at 4:20PM on a Friday. It actually wasn't that busy and crowded which was nice for a change. I got all my stuff and started my course home. Since I've been home, I've cleaned and made dinner.
     I think I'll go up to my parents tomorrow and surprise them. I've haven't seen them in about three or four weeks. Hopefully I can deliver my paintings and get some money. I always feel like I'm broke. Which is good and bad I guess. If you're not broke its great but you still feel like you have no money and you still fell like crap for being broke. I think I need to cut coupon's now to save money. Anyway, that was my day today.
     Last night, I was trying to learn the piano intro to "Nineteen Hundred & Eighty Five" by Paul McCartney and I couldn't quite get the timing right. I'll try and practice a little tomorrow. Actually when I was driving home today, I thought about playing drums again but I couldn't. I thought about having a home in Middlesboro and playing in a room where my drum set was and I could play as loud as I can without any reaction from the neighbors. I do miss playing drums. Actually playing any music really loud. Maybe when my contract is up this end of summer, I'll look for a house to rent around my job and have a music room. Rent would be lower than my rent now, my neighbors would be cool and a little far (because of noise), and I would be extremely happy there. I can only dream now. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Did I just blow your mind? My life is exciting, later.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What am I really supposed to do?

     Heynow. Ah, I'm at home now. At work I had to finish up a set of plans and run copies the other half of the day but ran out of paper. So I haven't had time to blog at work. I'm currently listening George Harrison "Behind That Locked Door" from the album "All Things Must Pass" on iTunes. I have it on vinyl but I've got my iTunes on shuffle. When I got home from work, I had a lot of chores to do around the apartment. I had to do laundry, clean dishes, take out the trash (which is harder than it sounds), and fix dinner. Laundry is an easy-ish chore. I gathered up my dirty clothes and detergent / bleach and walked to the apartment "entertainment" room were they have four washers and four dryers along with telephone, a television, microwave, soda machine, and a change machine for quartered laundry. No one was there when I arrived but a nice old lady entered when I was halfway done. I made small talk with her and was on my way back to my apartment to clean dishes and listen to the radio. After I cleaned the dishes and about 45 minutes later, the washer in the entertainment room were done and needed to be switched to the dryers. I walked back and made the switch. Today was a muggy and damp day, I know because I had to walk back and forth from laundry and apartment. Anyway, I got back and gathered my garbage and put it in the bed of my truck. I had three trash bags full of garbage. The large trash can is located on the other side of the apartment complex. Usually I carry one or two (not too heavy) bag(s) but since the weather has been bad and I couldn't go so frequently, I had to wait and put some of the bags in the corner. I dumped off the garbage and cleaned a bit until the clothes in the dryer were done (which takes about an hour for them to be done, yes I've timed this so I can be very productive when the clothes are warm and I can fold them in my room). So my chores were done and I had to make some dinner. The other day I remembered that I don't make a dish that I haven't made in a while. It's very simple and good. It's cheesy chicken rice. White rice with Valveeta cheese and chucks of white chicken breast. It was easy to make and was good.
     Later on in the day, I checked my Facebook and my best friend, Dave, changed his status to "engaged" I congratulated him and his fiancée (with two kids, which he loves). About an hour later, he called me up and made sure I heard the good news. I told me that he proposed at school in front of her friends and the place were they basically met. I haven't seen Dave in a while so since he's getting married, I'll be seeing even less of him which makes me sad. There is some good news out of it, in that phone conversation he ask me to be the best man. I agreed and he was pleased. He later said something along the lines of "Don't get any strippers or she'll freak out" I said jokingly "It's not a bachelor party unless there's strippers". I later wondered what exactly a best man has to do. Thank goodness for this website The Art of Manliness for multiple manly advice. They have articles about what exactly a best man should do, plan the best traditional bachelor party, and advice on the best man toast. The Duties of the Best Man Plus a lot of articles in which it means to be a real man and how to be more manly than ever in a classic 1950's way. 


    I don't even know anymore details about the wedding than that I'm the best man. I'll try to do my best about being a best man which means you need to help out your friend around the most stressful time in his life. Even though he was married before, the marriage was not a good one and the wedding was in Canada. He got divorced and have been single for sometime. I'll make sure that his bachelor party is very nice and relaxing for a good male bonding experience. Which is what bachelor parties are really about. I don't even know who all is going to be at the party that I need to plan weeks before the wedding. I might just be me and him. From what I think will happen, it'll be a small wedding with very close family and friends. Less than a hundred people but I could be wrong. I actually haven't really met her. There was once during Daniel Boone Festival were I was randomly walking and spotted Dave and her and the kids. I talked to Dave and she just stood there and looked at us talk for a minute or too because they were tired of taking the kids around. I didn't blame'em really but I haven't really talked to her, even with small talk. I'm guessing now that I'll talk to her soon because of the wedding and such. I'm happy that Dave found his fiancée and is getting married again to a good girl (from what I can imagine from her moods and what I've heard from the man she's marrying). I'll try my best to make a good bachelor party, try my best to help out in anyway, and try my best to make a good, short, funny, toast for the reception. Well, I've bored you way too much so I'll stop now. I'll leave you with another Art of Manliness picture about decorating the car during the reception.


My life is exciting, later peeps.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Name's Smith, E. Smith

     Heynow, it's been a few days since I've done one. Lets see if anything new has happened. Yesterday, I finally got into work and it was pay day. So basically I have a two day work week. The snow should melt today so I can deliver paintings (make some extra money) and hang out with a friend or two. Yesterday after work I went grocery shopping and bought some more canvases along with a laptop cooling fan. Hopefully that will decrease the noise when I record something from my laptop. Whenever I had to record something, the sound of the fan was too loud and would over power the performance.
     I've been procrastinating again and I found out that you can enter cheat codes on your Wii. Punch Out would be my ticket to completely beat the game. I also found out that you can hack a Wii. I don't know if I wanna do that. I'm afraid that I'll mess it up and break it. It's 10:46AM now and I'm hoping that my boss will leave early today. I overheard that his girlfriend is coming down to see him in about an hour. I hope he just goes home early so I can do the same. I've got a painting to do and I'm going to mail it because I'm a fan of their videos on YouTube and I thought it would be cool. I need to write them a letter along with the painting and stickers. Plus getting a box and mailing it should be "fun". I'm really hungry....what should I get for lunch? Why is it when I have breakfast at home in the morning that I am really hungry at lunch time. Sometimes I wouldn't even eat breakfast and wouldn't be that hungry for lunch. If my boss leaves early for the day, I'll order pizza and take it back home. I might order pizza anyway. My boss made a check list and I've done all of them today but he did say yesterday that I needed to make copies of the specifications today. The copier is not working well so hopefully he forgot about it and I can do it Monday. It's now 11:36AM now and today seems to be getting slower. Yesterday was really slow too. Oh yeah, I forgot, I need to look for a picture of Sean Connery as James Bond so I can do a painting for a client. It's 12:20PM and my boss won't leave for lunch! I'm so hungry! Okay, so my boss said that he's going to Corbin for his lunch with his girlfriend. That's an hour drive. So he'll be back late. One hour up, lunch (I'll guess another hour or so), then drive an hour back. So that's like at least three hours. I just ordered some pizza and it'll be ready in 15 minutes. I am really hungry. Before he left he mentioned the specifications, crud.
     It's after lunch and I am full. Not over eating, just full. There's three slices of pizza left in the work refrigerator.  It's now 3:30PM and I'm really sleepy. I think I might leave early anyway. I could go for a nap but if I drive home I'll be awake when I get there, and I can't sleep at work. I actually did that once (boss was gone the whole day) and I fell asleep at 3 and woke up at 6. I did an hour of overtime. I had to stay because a phone call was supposed to come in but didn't that day. I'm trying to stay awake by watching videos and listening to music but it's not working. I think I'll try and snooze a bit in my chair and see if I can get it out of my system. Well, that didn't work out well. When I put my head down, I started to get dizzy. Weird, but I just laid my head down on the table and wondered. A few minutes later an email came in and now I need to stay and make sure that everything prints out from the email attachments. It's now 4:42PM and I'm actually wearing my glasses while working. That rarely happens. I found a good James Bond picture and I found a good Jimi Hendrix picture that I could do for myself or sale, I don't know. Well, my boss came in and said to come in on MLK day (which I forgot about). So I'll be here Monday, hopefully my weekend will be awesome. My life is exciting, later.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blazing Saddles

     Heynow. I got another snow day today. So I haven't really done anything. Yeah, so why am I blogging if nothing happened? I don't know. I did download some more music today. Frank Sinatra, Blondie, Sex Pistols, and Boston. What a selection! I've been getting into classical music too. I really wish I had my prop so I could have filmed and edited my video idea. I would have had two days to do it. And I'm really excited to do it all but I need that prop. It sucks that the snow had to come now. I can't get out or anything. I'm making two lists: one for groceries and one for my "hobbies". I'm listening to "Bring'em Back Alive" by Audioslave on my iTunes. Since I've got my new camera, I think after I do the interactive video, I'll try and vlog for a whole month. I could cop out and do it in February (since it's the shortest month) but I think I'll do it in April. Starting it on April Fools day, then ending it on April 30th (My birthday). I think that's a good idea. I think I'll actually announce it to my family (in person) so they know that I'm weird, but they already know that so it'll be business as usual.
     Actually today, I watched a movie that my family has seen over a hundred times (being literal) Blazing Saddles. I love that movie. My dad, my brothers and I can quote it all day and make each other laugh. If you do every see it and I'm there, it's okay if you kick me out if I recite a line every ten seconds. Besides I could probably play the movie in my head and laugh at it that way. I wonder if a company has a Blazing Saddles t-shirt? I'll check it out later.
Do you know the secretary's last name? If so you're a die hard Blazing Saddles fan like me.

     Oh yeah, today I had an orthodontist appointment that I now need to re-sequel. I'll call Thursday since they're only there on Tues. and Thurs. I did workout at the apartment Sunday night and last night and today my stomach hurts from doing about 60 crunches Sunday. I did about 10 today but it's still hurting. But don't you need to workout when it hurts because that's how you build muscle. Well, I still worked out today. Just lifting things and doing simple workout stuff since I don't have any equipment at all. Push ups, Pull ups, crunches, jumping jacks, walking around the apartment, running in place, laying on my back and doing the bicycle thing and stuff like that. I've been eating a little bit more healthy too. I bought some bananas the last time I went grocery shopping and I didn't really care for bananas but now I like them. I've lately lost my appetite a bit and I've a bowl of cereal and a banana for supper the past two nights. I'm okay with it really. I don't need to eat that much anymore. I'm cutting down on food in general. I still like food its just that I don't need a lot of it. Yeah, that's all I have to say about that (Forest Gump reference). My life is exciting, later.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yous sexy like...

     Heynow, I had a snow day from work today. I didn't do a lot today but I did paint. Here's Bob Dylan:
      Sorry, it's not for sale. I took a picture of it with my new camera. I'm so happy about that camera. I do wish that it had some other features like night vision but oh well. A friend of mine texted me at about 4:20PM and we've been going back in forth with jokes and lines that we thought of ourselves. Jokes like "Yous like King Kong, bitches are better than bananas." Basically "Yous sexy like" jokes. He started it but I started the thread. Good times with old friends. Anyway, that was my day. I probably can't goto work tomorrow either. This weather is getting bad. Snowed last night, this morning, now tonight and tomorrow morning, then a few days after that. Like three days in a row. Anyway, I'll go now. My life is exciting, later.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Camera!

     Heynow, I got my camera! I actually got it yesterday after work. It cost more than I thought because of the 4GB SDHC card and the card reader. The total was about $190. Not good but I'll get by. Here's a picture:
     It's a very good quality camera. It has a feature on there the detects smiles and it takes a picture every time someone smiles, that's awesome. I took a lot of pictures just by smiling. Sometimes I quickly switched over to a different facial expression. Anyway, as soon as I get my other prop, I'll start shotting which will probably be next week. I went to Walgreens to get some lotion and saw an 8GB SDHC card and had to get it because of the space I need for the camera for videos. Anyway, I don't have that much cash for the rest of the week so I'll search for the prop later. Maybe I'll get someone to hangout with when looking for it. Maybe I'll ask them to be in it too as a bonus video. Just thinking of conversations that I probably won't have. Have you ever done something like that? Leave a comment if you have. I'm listening to "Ballad of a Thin Man" by Bob Dylan on my iTunes. I sent a few replies on twitter and some have responded. Well, the replies I've sent are to YouTuber's I like. Actually I need to edit a video I shot yesterday to test out on YouTube. I finished editing and uploading now, it slows my computer down so I'll go and come back and give you a link. New Camera Test! Well, It's 11:34PM now, so I'm going to bed now. My life is exciting, goodnight. 

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Late Night Hustle

     Heynow. It's 9:15AM and I'm at work. My boss isn't here yet. I hope he doesn't come in and I hope he calls in so I can leave early. When I woke up, my nose was running and it still is. My big toe on my right foot hurts too, I must have slept on it weird. I took some allergy medicine and it hasn't kicked in yet. After my morning shower and getting dressed, I was a bit late for work. Since I was late I didn't get breakfast and I'm really hungry. When I got to work I figured I'd drink some tea to fill my stomach but I had only one teabag. I drank that and now I'm drinking coffee. My boss came in with photo paper for me to print out some old photos that I scanned a few days ago, I got that done. My boss's girlfriend came in, the old photos are hers. I helped out to carry a package / present to her car and I'm guessing she's on her way home. My boss is looking over the specifications again for me to change. There's not a lot of changes but he's still here to my left, I don't think he can see me typing on my blog. My sinuses are cleared up and my big toe doesn't hurt which is great. The morning is becoming better.
     It's past lunch now. I've been working (some work related and some making my custom twitter background page, which is done). I need to work some more on a set of plans I'm working on now but I was going to review my night last night. My boss gave me a lot to do but it's almost the end of the day, so I'll do it tomorrow. Anyway, last night I got in the mood to paint. I got the idea to do a time lapse video again so I set it up and shot it for the first painting. A Painting in Six and a Half Minutes. I painted a total of two paintings that night. The (Spoiler alert) Slash first and then Angus Young for the second. My friend Nick wants to buy both. Now I have two paintings left to do. One for Allison and one for myself which I'll do last. While painting the second painting, my mom called just to check in and talk a while. Dad and her were doing fine. Also while doing the second painting, I uploaded the video. A lot of active activity going on at the same time. I actually painted some while talking to mom. I also told her the video idea I had. After painting, uploading and talking on the phone it was time for bed. Well, I guess I filled you in yet again, I gotta go. My life is exciting, later.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I ask a lot of questions that you can't answer.

     Heynow. It's 8:56AM and I'm at work at the moment. I guess this will be an all day blog. I've got work to do but I'm not in the mood to do it. I guess I'll go back and forth with work and play. I still need to pay my rent today. The land lady hasn't been in all weekend. Hopefully I won't have to pay extra since I'm technically late. I've got a check in my pocket with a 2010 date. I'm a good renter. I don't bother them, I'm quite, and I'm usually on time with my rent. I wish everyone would move out of the apartments around me, especially the people above me. They have kids and they like loud music. I don't really care about the other neighbors. One of them are nice and the other are druggies, I think. The boss walked in at around 9 o'clock. Hopefully he won't give me more big work. I guess after this week with the rent check and bills, I'll get the new camera. I'll try and paint something today after work to get some extra money. I gotta get into the mood sometimes to paint. Have the radio on, the overhead dining table light on and have the motivation. I'll make sure to post pictures here for sure and Facebook and my new Twitter account ( Follow me! I'm getting excited about getting the new camera and I need to think of new original funny video ideas. I might do a painting in a time lapse thing again depending on how much time I have on the camera or memory card. I do want to tell you my interactive video idea but I don't want to spoil it. I looked it up and no one has done what I've thought of. It'll all come down to timed buttons and good video editing and I think I'll use the green screen. Which reminds me, I need to find the perfect background. Found it on the first try and the first picture. Now, I'll edit it so it's not exactly the background because of copyright or something. Okay, I fixed up the background and an object that I need to animate. This video may take a couple days to do. I mean I'm doing green screen, I'm animating, I'm timed editing and I'm doing this for free. It might take some time to do but I think when it comes out, it'll be awesome. Hopefully it'll look professional and a lot of people notice it. Oh, it's almost lunch time. I'm back from lunch now. And I have: the background, the objects, and the background music and some sound effects. I think I have all the elements now and all I have to do now is: buy the camera, film it, edit it, and post it. I don't know if I'll even put in the objects but I want it to be great I'll do it. I don't know I'm just expecting a lot of work out of a one or two minute video. I'll have make an intro on how to do it, then do it, then have an outro. So maybe a three minute video. I don't know just expect it to be good. I'll let you know when it comes out and what all I did to make it and how the idea cam about.
     My boss came in from lunch with his girlfriend. I hope they both leave soon. They came in at around 2:45PM and it's been about half an hour since then. I've been working while they have been in my boss's office. It's 3:53PM and I'm guessing it's almost time for them to go. Oh crap, I forgot that I'll need another prop to buy. I hope they have something at Wal-Mart and it's cheap. Because I need the camera, a SD card and then that prop. The camera and SD card are about $150 total. I don't know if I get all three. Maybe I can get the prop the next time I'm there and pay in cash. Ugh. That's for another day. My life is exciting, later.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I joined what?

     Heynow. I'm at my apartment at the moment listening to "I Need You" by The Beatles on my iTunes. This weekend was fun. Oh yeah, Happy New Year! And a new years resolution that I made up, kinda was to start Twitter on 1/1/11, so I did. erikesemo's Twitter FOLLOW ME! and I'll more than likely follow you. So far so good on that one. I guess I'll try and post at least one thing on there for the whole year which doesn't sound impossible at all. I'm one the computer all the time. You never know, I might go off the grid for a day or two. If I don't post anything, it's no big deal. I made another resolution and that's to make some more YouTube videos and hopefully become a partner. That would be cool. Getting paid to make videos. Well, one thing that I could do (but can't because my apartment doesn't allow) is to get a cat, because cats on the internet is gold. All you gotta do is film them and their a hit. Get a couple boxes and stuff for them to play with and film away. I need to look up if I can get a fish or something so I can at least has some sort of pet. I pulled out the contract and I'll look it over. Here's what it has under "Pets. Lessee shall not be allowed pets in or about the premises, unless they have a service dog, and then they will be required to give a pet security deposit of $200.00." That's a bunch of bullshit. I'll ask if I can get a fish or something. If they accept a fish I'll ask if I can get a cat but I doubt either will work. I was hoping I could find a loophole.
     New Years Eve I spent it with my brother and sis-in-law and a one of their friends house, Z. & T. They had a bunch of people over and most of the time me and Casey played guitar. Everyone was pretty cool. I got home at around 4:39AM and woke up in my bed at 3:19PM. I've been home all weekend and it's been nice. Sleeping in, doing choirs, and drinking tea. At the moment, it's 11:11PM, make a wish. I made my wish, I hope it comes true soon. I need to get to bed soon. I did laundry, cleaned my apartment and started a new revolution in my bed, lol. I haven't painted in a while, I've been burnt out on it I guess but I've got four paintings to do and I'll be done for now. I'll try and do one tomorrow. I got my Mountain Window wallpaper up on my wall. It doesn't look all that great and I haven't taken a picture of it yet. I might do that tomorrow too. I put down my Jimi Hendrix black light poster and my Iron Man painting and put it on the other wall. I put the Abbey Road plot out poster in the computer room on my closet door. Everything fits in nicely. I need to end this now and watch my YouTube videos and goto bed. Remember the FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! and I'll follow you. My life is exciting, later.