Saturday, December 24, 2011

Star Wars Symbol Tattoo Ideas

     Heynow, I was bored tonight and had an idea for a tattoo. I saw the Star Wars Rebel symbol in a movie "Fanboys". I then thought about combining a tattoo idea I already had, the Captain America Shield. So I made one that's transparent. Then I thought, have other Star Wars symbols. So I searched for some symbols and made a bunch of transparent symbols.

Captain America Shield with Rebel Alliance Symbol

Captain America Shield with Galactic Empire Symbol

Galactic Empire with Rebel Alliance

Jedi with Rebel Alliance

Jedi with Galactic Empire

 Galactic Empire with Confederacy of Independent Systems

Jedi with Mandalorian

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Punch-Out, Child Hank, Sonic Ringtones

     Heynow, it's been awhile again but lately there's been nothing going on at work. It gets that way during the winter. Anyway, I got bored yesterday and made some GIFs and some other pictures. Mainly about "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out" and one about Nerdfighteria (Project for Awesome, Vlogbrothers, Hank Green).
Mac 14-0 14KO

Bald Bull - Bull Charge Stomach Punch

Mac - Victory

Mike Tyson - Wink

Soda Popinski - Laughing

Child Hank Green - Deal With It

     Today I'm going to try to make some Sonic the Hedgehog ringtones. I post pictures, songs, and videos on my tumblr:
     Well, that's all I have to post for today. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to you and yours. Later peeps.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paintings For Sale and Other Stuff

     Heynow. So the painting thing has kinda burned me out on doing anymore. I have two paintings that were requested and now they have not paid for them. One is over a month old and the other is almost a year old! if I do anymore for anyone, I'm going to get some money up front, like 50% or something. I'm tried of doing a painting and them flaking out and I'm stuck with it somewhere. I still have some paintings up for sale if anyone is interested, I'll put links below:
Angus Young from AC/DC
Boba Fett from Star Wars
Darth Vader from Star Wars
The Beatles "Help!" Album Cover
The Bealtes "Sgt. Peppers" Pop Art

     I also have some other items on Craigslist if anyone wants to look: Camber 12" Crash (Drum Cymbal)Camber C4000 20" Rock Ride (Drum Cymbal)Logitech QuickCam (WebCam)PlayStation 1 System & 16 Games, and a Flip Mino Camcorder.

     Other than that stuff, life is pretty good. Angel and I are happy. Oh yeah, we got new furniture this month from EZ Rentals down the street. I was nervous at first but once anything was setup, it looked awesome. We got an Ashley Couch, Love-seat, a Toshiba 42" Plasma TV (Newer one that doesn't mess up the screen) and a TV stand for $135 a month. That's not bad and if you're late on your payment, they only charge $5. I think that's a good deal. Hopefully, Angel and I will get payments done and everything good happens. I don't know, I just want good things to happen and that money won't be a problem to use for a while.

     Anyway, here are some painting/tattoo/graffiti ideas:
The Bealtes - Apple

The Beatles

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Wall (T-shirt Design)

Guitar Tree
(Still working on it)


Hello Kitty - Maneki Neko
(Angel's Tattoo Idea)

     I guess that's it for now, thanks for checking me out. Later peeps.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

     Heynow. It has been a while but I've had things to do. My girlfriend, Angel, is moving in with me this Saturday. The plan is: she comes in on Thursday night/Friday morning and stay until Saturday morning where we both get in my truck and help move. She don't have a lot of stuff which is good, I hate moving.
     Anywho, I'm back in the saddle again when it comes down to painting more. I got a request yesterday to make one of Johnny Depp, which looks fairly easy and was easy to find and design:

Johnny Depp

     But before I can get started, I need to buy some canvases. I have one 12"x12" so I might be able to do this one first before my other project. It's Black because it's Johnny's favorite color and Tan because it's her favorite color. Silver was her first chose but on paint it turns out to be gray. 
     I posted some paintings on Craigslist and when I sold the Slash painting, the person who bought it had another request, Axl Rose. I got to work on it and gave her this one which was hard to do and took a lot of time.

Axl Rose

     I told her I could change the bandanna color, red or blue. She came back with different pictures. I'm not sure if I want to do this one anymore since it seems like she wants me to start from scratch again. I guess I'll say, it's either this or nothing because I'm burned out on it. Which is somewhat true. After churning out painting after painting, I got burned out on it. It was more time consuming than anything and I think I charge way too low for there's.
     Anyway, that's whats going on at the moment. Moving and once that's done, I'll get started on Johnny Depp. My life is exciting, later peeps.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dark Side of The Wall

     Heynow, it has been a while. So work, relationship, and being active have been the majority of my life lately and I'm glad. Okay, I have made a few designs and that's why this blog has been so popular so here you go:

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Wall

A fairly easy one to figure out. I made this design and put it on a blank baseball shirt and it looks good.

     Okay, this one I did a look time ago when I had long hair and I recorded enough songs to put on an album. If you haven't guessed, it looks a lot like the "John Lennon - Imagine" album artwork. Yeah, that album at the time was very inspirational to me. My band is "Eric Smith & The Grasshoppers" with the album "Subject to Change". It's basically me doing all the recording parts and if someone wants to play, that's great and they are part of the band with no hassles. 

     But anyway I thought that Pink Floyd design was cool and I thought I would share it with you.

    In personal news, I have bed bugs in my bedroom. I got some protective covers for the box-spring and mattress, I need to wash my sheets in HOT water. I have washed my sheets before but not in hot water, I forgot about that. So hopefully some vinegar will do the trick and kill everything and not damage any clothing too. I'm gonna put my clothes through that and hopefully they won't shrink. Anyway, life is pretty good and the relationship is great. Soooooo, my life is boring. Later

Friday, May 20, 2011

Selling, Buying, Working!

     Heynow. Okay so it has been like a month since I last posted but I've been busy. In April, I did VEDA (Vlog EveryDay in April) and if you want to see that, here's the playlist: VEDA 2011!
     Anyway, I've put up my paintings up for sale on Craigslist. It doesn't matter if your far away, I can mail it to you. Here's the links:
Angus Young - AC/DC
The Beatles - HELP!
The Bealtes - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Darth Vader - Star Wars
NEW Boba Fett - Star Wars.

     You can get the Darth Vader and Boba Fett painting together for $40. You can even get both The Beatles paintings for $45. I sold the "Slash - Guns N Roses" painting yesterday and I need to ship it today at lunch time. Plus I am selling my Flip Mino Camcorder! Everything works but there are a few screen scratches but it doesn't affect its performance.

     Okay, now on with my life. Angel and I are very happy together and that's all I wanna say about that. Hopefully, I will get off work early so I can get to her house at a good time. The last couple weeks she has traveled down to see me but this week I'm going up to see her. Oh yeah, I got a new truck!
It's a 2011 Ford Ranger XLT. It's a standard but I like that sometimes. At least I won't have to worry about the oil leaking and all that stuff. It had 9 miles when I got it :) and thanks to my brother, Casey, I got a great deal. So using this truck to drive to Hazard isn't a big deal. I would get nervous sometimes thinking that my old truck would crap out at any minute but luckily that didn't happen. Plus it has 6 months of free Sirius Satellite radio so no bill for that until November. So many things to talk about but I feel like I have A.D.D. on this blog. Anyway, Angel's friend Brittany is a musician that plays Outlaw music which I think is sub-genre of country so I made this graphic for her yesterday since work was slow:
She said she loved it and was wanting me to do her album artwork. She said she was going to pay me for this but I guess I'll ask for like $20. I did a few different alternatives but she really liked this one. AND now my boss has given me something really hard to do and it's not really in my job description. I need to Photoshop a custom walkway at a weird angle and all I used to do was look online at photos that looked okay. It's a bit different than what I've been doing. Really Mr. Adam's? You have given me no work until Friday?! That's like breaking your own rule! He has always said to not start something new on Friday. Crud crud crud, at least it's something to do. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you liked the update. My life is boring, later peeps.

P.S.: Oh yeah, a person emailed me a while back and wanted a decal of my Abbey Road drawing! So I need some more information about the size and stuff so I can go to the local sign shop and get an estimate. Okay, that's enough bye.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Steady As It Goes

     Heynow. It's quite a while since I've made a post. I'll try and recap whats been going on. Angel and I are dating and this weekend, she is coming down to meet my parents and Casey & Ashley. The week after, I think we are going to Lexington to visit her dad. Life is great. I haven't been this happy....ever. I have a job that I like (I'm close to), I have a girlfriend, and there's not a lot of drama. The only thing is money. Of course it's still a thing but I'm thinking of ways to get a better education and job. Whether it's a state job or going to UK to get a bachelors degree.
     Which reminds me, I need to get started on my portfolio. And I need to get a UK portfolio application. I was working on the UT application and since I live in Kentucky now, tuition will be a little cheaper. I think I have to pay for an application like last time. Lets hope not, I'm going to check now. SON OF A BITCH! I had to apply by Feb. 1st. Now I have to wait till next year if I wanna do it. This sucks. Now the only option is to work somewhere else. I won't do that till this job goes under. This sucks, I really wanted to do it this time. Wait, am I a undergrad or grad? I got a associates from Southeast Community & Technical College. I'm so confused. I forget all the terms and stuff. Ah crap, after looking further into it, it had to be done before Jan. 15th. I am so late on everything. I just don't get it sometimes. I could still try and goto UT. I don't know. Maybe just look for a state job or go to Vaughn & Melton. They're right here and in other locations, plus I know a few people there. Just thinking about money and how I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck and if I wanna start a family, I'll have comfortable amount of money so I (and we) can do it. Sometimes I feel like I wanna do something different other than architecture as a career. Like music whether it's an sound engineer, producer, musician, or anything in recording. I don't know. I'm at the point in my life where I feel like doing something else. So much stress I'm not suppose to put on myself. I'm just gonna forget it and just tell everyone that I'm doing a portfolio anyway. So say that I'm trying at least, and even though I'm not doing the portfolio, I'm still trying anyway.
     I guess in the meantime, I can look for a state job on a website and bookmark it so when the time comes, I'll have some sort of plan on looking for a job. Nothing that I could see but I bookmarked it and I'll look on it later when I need to get another job in my field.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Painting / Tattoo Ideas

Heynow. Here's some more painting / tattoo ideas:
The Beatles - Apple

The Big City Sunset

Captain America Shield

Blue Nautical Star

James Bond

The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Kurt Cobain

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Weekend, Sick Monday, Work Tuesday

     Heynow. It's been awhile since I've done one so here we go again. This past weekend was great. I went to Hazard to visit my now "girlfriend", Angel. I drove down and felt like I was there in no time. It's a two hour drive, so when I arrived at her work place to pick her up, I had to pee. I sent her a text saying I'm here but with no answer. Her work is in a plaza and next door was "Tractor Supply" so I went in and went to the bathroom. When I came out, I noticed my phone was on "No .Net Network" which means nothing is coming in and nothing is coming out. So I got worried and tried to to fix it. I usually fix it with calling my office so it finally fixed it. I went back to my truck and added some more deodorant. I waited for a few minutes and as I was looking out the window, she knocked on the passenger side window. She came in and I kissed her. Of course it wasn't the first time but it was a week the last time I saw her. Her plan for the date was to get something to eat and have a picnic somewhere. We finally decided to go to her old high school lunch area outside. I wasn't really hungry so I got some chicken from Wendy's. We had a good time talking and getting close with each other. Later on her sister came by and said hi. Her sister is not shy about talking about anything. Her sister left and we were alone again. We talked some more and then we went to her house to hang out. She lives in the woods but it's a nice place. She has a cat, Tequila, and I told her I was allergic but I wasn't really affected by it. We watched TV for a while and then it was time for bed and we continued to watch TV in bed. Her sister and her boyfriend later came in that night.
     The next morning we got up and she made breakfast. Biscuits, eggs and I made myself some tea. She was out of eggs but we got into my truck and went to the local gas station to get some eggs and milk. After breakfast, her sister and her boyfriend went to London to go to the Flea Market. Angel and I stayed and hung out the rest of the day. But it was time for me to go and she needed to see her mom in the hospital. I didn't want to go and she didn't want me to go either but I had to go. I drove home and forgot about the time change. When I got home, I changed my clocks. We kept texting each other until it was bed time.
     On Monday, I felt sick and dizzy so I took the day off. I just slept and took some medicine. I basically listened to the radio and watched some TV when I was up.
     On Tuesday, I was okay and went to work. It was a slow day until the end of the day. A few people came in and it took awhile to get it settled. I walked home and then ordered some pizza for dinner.
     Today, I'm at work and it's slow right now. The boss is at the post office at the moment. Yeah, that's it. Life is pretty good now that I have a girlfriend. I'll try and get some more painting idea on here too. Well, I guess that's it. My life is boring, later peeps.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Painting Ideas!

Here's some more painting ideas I had:
Eagle Stencil

NES Controller

Strom Tropper - Star Wars

Bob Dylan

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

Unknown Hinson

     I know they're all Black & White but if I actually paint it, I'll add colors. All are at least slightly edited by me. Anyway, that's it today. My life is exciting, later.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Busy Weekend

     Heynow. It's been another busy weekend. On Friday, I got my satellite TV hooked up. That was pretty much the last piece of the puzzle for me completely moving in. I didn't turn on the gas so that's still one less bill to pay. I still have the base board heaters just so I don't freeze to death. That night my parents came by to help me move in a used washer and dryer into my apartment. I actually got both of them for $50. There were some parts missing and I needed to get that. So on Saturday I got up a little early, for a Saturday, to drive to Corbin and get the supplies I needed at Lowe's. It's an hour drive but I needed the stuff. That day, mom and dad were at Sean's house helping him move. So I stayed at my parents house and did laundry and got ready for my date in Manchester.
     That night was a great night, even though it was raining the whole time. I'm not that familiar with Manchester so i didn't know what exactly to do. I mapquested the directions and then tried to find a good place to eat for dinner. I saw a few options but couldn't find the places. Anyway, we met at a gas station and then drove to a Mexican restaurant to eat. We finally met! I was really nervous but not as nervous as she stated. We talked and ate our meal then went to Wal-Mart to walk around. Then it came time to kinda go but instead we kept talking in my truck.  We got closer and closer and I leaned in to kiss and she kissed back. I get really nervous when doing that because I've leaned in before and the other part did not follow through. Anyway, we kissed and it was really awesome. We still talked some more about family, ourselves, and other random things and then we made out. At around 3:00AM and it was time to leave but neither of us really wanted to go. I was totally awake and felt like it was only 10:00PM but the next day I had to help my brother move. We kissed each other goodbye and drove home our separate ways. It was a great night, it was the first time that I've ever met someone on the internet and she was fantastic. It was the first time for her too. So all in all it was an awesome date. I think we are going to alternate each available weekend to see each other. I think I'm going to Hazard the first weekend and then she'll come to Middlesboro. I'm really happy in my dating situation now :). My living is good, my dating is good, I'm getting more exercise, I'm feeling better (even though I kinda feel like something is creeping up) and I'm excited about new beginnings in Spring. I might do a vlog walking home today just to update everything since my last vlog.
     Okay, on Sunday my mom called at 9:12AM to wake me up. I later called Casey to tell him that he needed to pick me up. I got ready and we made our way to Sean's old house in Frankfort. We loaded all the big stuff that was left and headed to his new house. We then unloaded it and then five minutes later, we all drove home. Luckily I slept a little on the way back home. Casey dropped me off at mom and dad's because my clothes were still there and then I headed back to Middlesboro. It was a long ass day. I got home at around 7:30PM. I later then went to bed at 10:30PM. Now it's 11:14AM and I'm at work. I've got somethings to do now so I'll go. My life is exciting, later peeps.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New to me, Used Washer and Dryer?

     Heynow. It's been a few days since I've posted something. I'm at work today and early this morning, Mom called me up. She found out that someone from her work is selling a used washer and dryer for a total of $75. WOW, all that for that much money. So good!
     I just hope that it won't interfere with a date I have on Saturday, in Manchester. Yeah, there's a girl that contacted me on an online dating website and we've been talking almost everyday since February 24th. We started emailing each other on the website, then she gave me her cell phone number and now we have planned a date in Manchester because she lives in Hazard and we wanted to meet half way. I don't know if that was a good idea or not because we don't really know the surroundings. Anyway, I'm thinking it's going to be a good date.
     We got new computers at the office and I think I have updated everything. We've got drawings, letters, contacts, and email going. The only problem left is connecting the computers together to get to the printers. CAD1 has the plotter and CAD2 (which I'm on now) has the printer. So when I have to plot something out I have to save it on a flash drive and then take it to the other computer. I'll figure it out, maybe today.
     I hope the rest of the week will be great. Hopefully I can get the washer and dryer tomorrow and have some clean clothes to wear for my date. Wish me luck. My life is boring, later.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm Moving On, I hope it only gets better.

Heynow. I'M MOVING! Who wants to help?!.......I can hear the crickets already. Well, I'm moving way closer to work. So close that it's less than a block away. Plus there's a coffee shop below me, it'll be a good hang out place. Since I'm over a cafe, wouldn't I get free WiFi? SWEET! I hope that's the case. That's one more bill I won't have to pay! I hope they keep it on all day and night. I made up a list of things for me to do. Pay rent and deposit, get new address, ask about who does electric/gas/water/cable television/garbage pickup, cancel electric/water/internet/directv, change license and plate, ask if pets are allowed (I'd like to get one once I settle in), etc. I'm thinking that I'm going to be moving everything in on Sunday, or at least the heavy stuff. Well, the computer guy is here and I need to stop. I'll talk to you later.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kick Ass

Heynow. It's Thursday and I'm going to have a busy day. A painter is here to paint or something in my boss' office and here's to my left talking on the phone then complaining when he hangs up the phone. I need to get my audio recorder and record every single time he complains then make a cartoon video. Anyway I might not have a lot to say today so here's what I have to do today. Today is the bidder meeting for a Health Dept. in TN. We get a lot of calls with questions and everyone who isn't a general contractor gets a list of the plan holders. So it'll be a phone/fax kinda day. At 1:30PM I have an orthodontist appointment and tell them about my wire situation I had. Then after work, I'm going to go look at that apartment over a coffee shop. I'm actually doing this blog so that it looks like I'm working on something rather than looking at a drawing and not really changing anything on it because it's basically done for right now.
     Lately, I've been away from the online dating sites that I've signed up on months/years ago and on one of them I got a message from a girl that's really cute and we've been talking to each other for about three of four days. I don't know where I was going with that but yeah, that just happened. Oh yeah, I have another idea for a painting. It's:
Bruce Lee
I might change the suit he's wearing into a yellow color with black stripe like in the movie "Enter the Dragon".

I might do one of his student, almighty:
Chuck Norris

Red, the color of your blood because Chuck Norris has never seen his own blood. Okay, I guess that's all right now. I'll make sure to post another blog about the apartment and the orthodontist today. My life is boring, later peeps.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Boba Fett!

     Heynow. I'm at work yet again. This morning I've got a bit of work but I had an idea for another stencil like painting. I found a good picture and photoshopped it. 

Boba Fett
"Star Wars" Trilogy

     I tried to find the best colors to fit the character and the colors from his costume. I do have an extra 12" x 12" canvas but I don't know what to put on it. Jimi Hendrix, Boba Fett, or Kurt Cobain. Since I just made up this Boba Fett, I'm leaning on this one since it has a good color theory and look.
    Well, I asked mom to call that place in Middlesboro and she called me back today and said she left a message. She also asked a few co-workers and said there's a few places around that are open but cost way too much. Hopefully we'll get some good news and in the meantime I'm going to check out if there's any apartments available over a few stores on Cumberland Avenue. There might be something there but I need to see who owns the places. Well that's it for now, enjoy the Boba Fett stencil. My life is exciting, later peeps.

UPDATE (As of 6:14PM): I called that place on Cumberland Avenue and it is less than a block away from work! I get to have a look around the place and it is right above a coffee shop called "Shades of Brown". I've always wanted to go there but I like to have someone with me and since I don't take too many breaks I haven't been there with anyone or by myself. I really, really hope I get it. I'm supposed to meet with the lady Thursday to look it over. I stopped by her office, which is across the road, after work and signed an application. It kinda sounds like I'm the only one applied at the moment but someone might be looking at it tomorrow. I don't know, I'm just making up stories in my head again to make me nervous. Anyway, that's my update. Everyone send me your good vibes and prayers on Thursday. It's going to be busy with work (Bid Meeting at a Health Center, Orthodontist at around 1:00PM, and then Apartment Meeting at 5:00PM) so hopefully everything will work out. My life is boring, later peepers. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bicycling and Drums!

     Heynow. Ah, I'm at work again. This weekend was okay. Friday night I hung out with my brother and his friends in Pineville. The next day I went to Heidrick to see my parents. I did my laundry, we all went to dinner at Cracker Barrel in Corbin and while I was there, I sold that 007 James Bond painting and she said that I might have some more customers coming my way, including a screenwriter that might use a painting for a poster for the movie. So that's cool. She said he was a big deal but I'm thinking that it's just a person she works with that has a script in the process of getting picked up to become a movie. Not a huge Hollywood production, just a short independent film which is still cool depending on the content. I don't know, this is just what I'm thinking is going to happen. She said some LA film writer that I kinda recognized but she could be lying. Anyway, it'll be cool if it's real.
     Well, I'm in the "friend zone" with that girl I sent flowers to. I don't know, I was probably too forceful by asking her out to dinner Thursday. I'll either keep being friends with her (hanging out, going to events with other friends, etc.) and then ask her out when she's ready or just not really talk to her anymore. I don't know. I'm not really asking for help, I'm just wanting to figure things out for the better. Do I just focus on her because I really like her or do I keep being friends with her and try to see other people (because that's tough for me because I don't get out that much because I have high anxiety and I feel weird about things). I'm really thinking about moving again and being closer to the office. Hopefully I can find a place in Middlesboro that's not far away. I have this somewhat strange fantasy that if I lived closer to work, I would ride a bicycle to work. It would be great exercise, not spending any gas money, I would have a book bag to carry my lunch and other stuff. There's a guy mom knows that has a place open and it right above the guys garage. It's real close and it might be a good place. Since it's over a garage, I won't have any dick head neighbors and I might be able to bring my drums. The house is about 25 to 30 feet away from the garage. That would be cool. Bicycle to work, come home to play drums and be noisy when I want to be. That sounds great to me right now. I really miss playing drums, I'm so out of it I need to practice somewhere. The drum set is at my parents house but they have a bunch of stuff in my old room because they're redoing the computer room flooring and painting the walls. They have all the office stuff in my old room. Oh well, what to do but to move on.
     I'm back from lunch now and I've got a bit of work to do. But in the meantime, I've brought my camera in and has set up a handful of peanuts for the squirrels so I can film them. I don't know why but the camera stops at 30 minutes when I have half a battery and 74 minutes left of memory. I need to try and fix it so that it will stay on until the battery is empty. I'm not sure if I have any footage yet. I tried two days last week with none of the nuts being moved. At the moment, I do hear birds and crowing outside crowing. I was thinking of using the footage of the squirrels to make a video and put music to it. The camera just stopped recording and it looks like some of the peanuts are gone. I'd say a bird got'em because the shells are gone as well. If it was a squirrel, the shells would be around the other nuts. Anyway, that's what I'm doing besides working and doing this. I guess that's it. My life is exciting, later peeps.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Massacre!

     Heynow. It's been awhile since I've done a work blog entry because my original work computer had a few bad power supplies. It's still working now but I'm using the other computer until I get the new one from our tech guy, who works at the college. Since then I've moved all the stuff from that computer onto this one. I've got my music and all that other stuff I have. Anyway, today is Valentine's Day. Last week I ordered a set a flowers to be delivered to a friends office. I remembered where she worked and looked up the address. I picked the flowers:
     In the card I put: "Roses are red, violets are blue, some poems rhyme, but this one doesn't. Call me sometime and we'll have dinner. That is, if you can figure out who sent this." Well this morning she posted a picture on Facebook saying "Someone is gonna have to fess up because I seriously haven't the slightest clue who these are from...?":
     (Darn you ProFlowers, they're supposed to be prettier than that. Oh well, maybe it'll bloom) She tweeted it too and still had no idea who did it until I texted her. She was very happy and I wanted to do something expectingly for her. I'll probably call her this weekend and we might have dinner. While texting a little back and forth, I kept looking at the door like I was Jim from The Office looking at a camera and smiling. I don't know, no one was going to walk through the door, I just looked at it.
     Last night my teeth were hurting really really bad. (Squeamish please read past) I figured out that it was a wire going into my gums and making them bleed. I tried to pull the wire away from my gums and with a few failed attempts, something actually worked. Then as the night began, my lip was swelling up. This morning it was still swollen. As today continues, the swelling has shrunk. I thought about calling my orthodontist and seeing if any of them could help me fix the wire and help with my swollen lip but since they are only in Middlesboro on Tuesdays and Thursdays I might have to wait until Tuesday. Since the swelling has gone down, I'll just wait until my next check up on the 24th. Nothing serious really. Of course "The Fixer" fixes everything!
     I don't know what exactly is going on with the "C. and S." thing. I hope they solved their differences. I think I'll text "C." later to see what all is going on, plus make a few jokes to make him feel good. I thought about making a video playing "Tree By The River" by Iron & Wine with a tutorial in the beginning telling you how to play it. I might do that tonight. I just looked and noticed that there are a few videos covering that song. I'll probably still make the video with the chords and lyrics on the screen. 
     Today seems to be going a little slow. It's Valentines day and all the lovely people have their loved ones. Ah crap! I forgot to get mom something! I'll call her later today after I get home and when she's at home. I'll probably tell her about the flowers thing too. This morning the Foo Fighters came out with a "new music" video with Lemmy from Motorhead. Foo Fighters - White Limo I follow them on Twitter (I'm on Twitter too! and they posted pictures of the limo and everybody else. It was cool but I didn't really know they were going to make a music video. It looks like it was shot with an old 1980's camera and effects. It reminds me of what I did with my old camera when videoing short films ("Cardboard Monster", "Cardboard Monster: Returns", and film of everybody going down my hill while laying on they're backs on skateboards) good times. Sadly, I couldn't convert film onto digital and upload it. It would have been cool. Besides I think I taped over most of it. I sold my camera but kept the tapes in case I find something to convert them to digital. Wow this is a long post. I guess I'll go now. I think I've updated you enough. My life is exciting, later. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Technical Tuesday Malfunction (Caution: Rant)

     Heynow. It's been a while since I have updated my exciting life. Let's see if I can remember them all now. Okay my upstairs neighbor, who annoyed everyone in the complex with his loud music and kids, left Monday. On that Monday, I was in Barbourville getting my taxes done. I'll be getting about $1,100 back so I'm excited to get that soon. After that I went to my parents house and mom fixed up some chicken and dumplings. They were of course good and I still have leftovers in the refrigerator. Anyway on Monday the neighbors left and they also took the satellite dish that my TV was connected to (Which your not supposed to do, my neighbor was a douche bag). So Tuesday comes and when I get home from work my TV doesn't work. I called DirecTV and the nice lady said that I needed to call my apartment office to see what has happened to my dish. I called them and they said that the dish installer took off the dish from the roof. Well at that time, the solution was to call a dish installer and have my own dish which would cost $50 to do so. Once my landlord heard that I needed to get a dish, she called them up and yelled at them. I was there for about half of the discussion and laughed that my landlord couldn't hang up the phone with the supervisor. Well, I noticed that there's still a dish above me and was wondering if the maintenance guy could hook up my cable to the dish. He did and now I have TV.
     Yesterday was a technical malfunction kinda day. At work my work computer crapped out on me again. Apparently it was the power supply AGAIN! Somethings wrong with it and its about time for a new work computer. For now, I'm on the other computer that's just about never on. It works but the internet only works for Firefox. So strange but today I was trying to fix it and I think I messed it up so even Firefox doesn't even work. It's hard to get all the IP addresses right with the or 3). Hopefully I'll fix it tomorrow.
     I fixed my iPod a few minutes ago. Yesterday I thought about connecting it to iTunes to update my music and it had to reset it somehow. So okay, this'll take a while. The restore kept freezing and I had to unplugged and replug with the same events. Today I had the idea of restarting my computer and then tried it, boom! it worked and now I have my iPod now. So let's review Technical Tuesday's Malfunction: when to work with the computer not turning on (power supply with a new computer coming my way), then went home to see the TV is out then fixed it in about 2 hours, and then iPod messing up (Fixed today).
     Oh just about forgot the other mess up, a relationship mess up. A friends girlfriend, S., called last night and was asking me questions about a ring that my friend, C., had. I kept it at my apartment here for a while and he picked it up when my TV was just fixed. I gave it to him and we both were happy. I couldn't tell her because I promised I wouldn't tell her. Actually I don't know how she got my number, darn you Facebook (I fixed my privacy settings). Anyway, she was asking and I lied (withheld the truth) to her. As it turns out, she "broke up" with him (for reasons only known between the three) and he had the ring for V day. I called C. and told him about the call from S. He was bummed so I tried to fix the situation. I opened a can of snakes there. I called back S. and told her that he had a ring and I held on to it for him. Now she doesn't believe me or C. She texted me today when getting off work and was still confused on what to believe. I basically told her that C. and S. need to talk to each other and settle it then said something like "if you want him, get him because he wants you". She said, it's not that simple, which it's not but I tried to stay out of it and that didn't help until my last message which was "I don't know, ask him. I'm no in this situation anymore". She replied "Me too, bye". Well, I called C. and told him about the texts and was sorry he got me into this. It's okay, I just hope I'm completely out of that problem.
     Ugh, it's only 9:48PM and after typing all this out, I want to go to bed. I'll stay up a little. I was thinking about sending someone a few flowers to say "Hey, let's go out for real". I don't know her address and I don't know what exactly to get her. I'll try and figure it out. I hope she really likes it and want to continue our good relationship of being friends and turning it into something more personal (If that makes any sense). Well, I'm getting tired and I feel better because this is my ranting place. I should have a nickname called "The Fixer" or at least be a super hero. I fix what others mess up because I'm trying to be a good person. Until next time true believers, my life is exciting. Later