Sunday, December 12, 2010

Will I have a Snow Day?

     Heynow. It's 9:39PM and I'm at my apartment. It's been lightly snowing all day and tonight it will only get worse. I'll try and go to work tomorrow but it's not likely that I will. I was not productive at all yesterday. I did download Adobe Audition (a recording software) but I haven't really tested it out. I need to record a song and I'm going to try out that software. Today I woke up, fixed oatmeal and biscuits (which was super awesome), then watched some football. After a while I did my laundry and this evening I painted my George Harrison painting:
     Painted in George's favorite color, Purple. Sorry, it's not for sale. I'm keeping it for myself to hang in my living room. I'm planning, if I don't go into work tomorrow, I'll record my song. I'll film it too and make a video to put on my YouTube channel: Subscribe! ;)
     My right foot toes were really itchy so I changed into my pajama's. Well, a white t-shirt and sweatpants. It's now 10:10PM and I kinda wanna go to bed now. It's early and I'm not really sleepy but I don't have anything to do besides this. I'm just sitting here listening to my iTunes. "Heaven's Dead" by Audioslave is playing now.  *Yawn* I guess this'll be a short blog. Goodnight my sweet princes and princesses. My life is exciting, later.

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