Wednesday, December 22, 2010

That's it?!

Heynow party people. Anywho, I'm at work BIG SURPRISE! No really, it's surprising o_o. It's 1:33PM and I've had work to and it's been 50% work and 50% procrastinating. While on my lunch break I don't know why but it felt like Christmas time and it is. It's Dec. 22. I have moments that I feel like it's Christmas and there's this mood everyone shows. It's nice, caring, friendly and humbling. But then I had to come back to work, lol. Anyway, this morning I just did not want to come in I was so sleepy. I felt like calling in and going back to bed to fall asleep within five seconds. Yet I didn't, I got up showered and get dressed for success ;). Well, last night I transfered my drawings on to canvases and played a round on Punch Out and won. Other than that, I can't really remember anything else. What are my plans tonight? Hmm....I need to record my song and video myself doing it to make a YouTube video, transfer some more drawings and paint them, play some more Punch Out, or watch some of my DVR'd TV shows. I'll probably do what I did yesterday. QUITE EXCITING, not. Well, it's now 4:32PM and my boss hasn't left yet and I'm about to wrap everything up here, so I guess that's it for today. Sorry for not having a story to tell whether it was boring or not. My life is exciting, later everybody.

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