Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sliding into Work

     Heynow. I'm at work today. The roads are still icy and snowy. It took me about thirty minutes to clean off my truck from the ice and snow. My door was frozen shut and my ice scraper was in my truck. I sprung into action and found a putty knife to scrap off the ice to open the door. I was successful! Opened my door and started the truck and put the heat on full blast. As I scrapped away the ice I was worrying that I was waking up my neighbors. When I was finished I put back the putty knife and started to drive out of the apartment complex. When coming to the stop sign at the end of McVey Road, I slowly stopped and could not stop! I looked both ways to make sure I wasn't going to hit someone. Thank goodness no one was there, I had to make a 60 degree left turn and was sliding uncontrollably for a few seconds. Another thank goodness that I have some driving skills. After sliding for about fifteen seconds, I leveled out and was driving fine to the stop sign going onto 25E North. The main roads are fine. The road getting into work is not so fine. It was untouched so about two inches of snow was in the alley. Yesterday my plan was to go grocery shopping (I didn't do it) so today after work I'll go shopping. I'm running low on supplies.
     Late night the Paul McCartney concert was on at 8:15PM and before that I cleaned my kitchen. I cleaned out my fridge, cleaned out my dish washer, cleaned other dishes, cleaned counters, cleaned the oven, and hung some kitchen pictures that I didn't know I had. It looks really nice. While listening to the concert, Paul played "Dance Tonight" on a mandolin. I picked up my ukulele and started paying by ear. By the end of the song I knew the chords and timing in the song. Later that night I downloaded the album which the song was originally from. Remembering the year it came out (2007 Memory Almost Full), listening to some of the songs played on Sirius. I previously downloaded a few songs and burned them to disc but then had to erase my library of music. Anyway, listening to the concert was awesome and I learned a new song on ukulele! Other than that stuff I'm all out of boring stories. My life is exciting, later.

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