Friday, October 1, 2010

Rubber Soul Painting and The Office

     Heynow (I don't know but if you watch The Larry Sanders Show, that's a great catch phrase. I think I'll reinvent it). I guess this will be a daily kinda blog. Last night after work I had a plan. Give the landlord my rent check for this month, watch TV for about ten minutes, call DirecTV to cancel my Showtime subscription, then paint til 9:00pm, watch The Office, go back to painting if I needed to, shave, add and organize my music on iTunes then goto bed. Here's what really happened. 
     I got home wrote a check to the landlord and she gave me a receipt. As I was walking home I grabbed my mail, and then looked at the receipt she gave me. It had $325 on it besides my actual rent. I was really confused and was wondering if I'm paying too much for my rent. I returned to the office and confronted her. She said "That was last the  payment plan, it's changed." I don't know but I might still be paying too much, but then again I am living in a 2 BR apartment by myself. Next I watched about 20 minutes of TV to unwind from work. Then I started painting. I had a clock near by to see when it was about time to watch The Office, but five minutes until 9, I really had to goto the bathroom. I usually like to take my time in that kind of situation so I just went back to painting and let the DVR do it's job. Thank god for DVR.
     Back to painting, it took me about another hour to finish the painting. While painting I like to listen to music. I have an iPod Touch and listen to the SiriusXM app since I'm a subscriber to that. Anyway, here is a picture of the painting (It's also for sale if anyone wants to buy it).
     I've got two more paintings to be finished. And maybe I'll get one finished tonight, I dunno. Dave said he might goto the Fall Festival here in Middlesboro. I might stop by and hang out with him and a few other friends. 
     So after painting I had to shave because I don't look good with half a beard and a full goatee. I shaved and trimmed the goatee. At that time it was 11:24pm. I wanted to goto bed. Today I need to go grocery shopping after work (first of the month rush, good job waiting Eric), cancel my Showtime subscription, and add / manage music. Maybe I won't paint today. I've got a whole Saturday I guess.
     Sorry to bore you with all this nonsense. I just don't get out that much and I have no one to talk to. I work with my boss, that's it. I have no co-workers. It's a good and bad thing I guess (Good: I can do what ever I want and no one looks over my shoulder even though I would be their superior. Bad: I have no one talk to). Then I go home to an empty apartment. Sure I have hobbies and stuff to do (painting, TV, writing music, comedy writing, photo editing, making videos, etc.). But then again, I'm a shy person and I'm trying to make myself more confident to talk out loud and don't care what other people think. That's a big reason I don't talk. I'll talk to someone and then realize "Should I have said that? What would they think of me? Would they want me as a friend now?" It all goes through my head and then I end up not listening to them and it makes the conversation worse. Another reason is my family (no offence). They all talk and I'm the one sitting back and letting them talk, then suddenly someone comes to me and says I'm the shy one. NO, I can't get a word in edge wise. A lot of times, I have not idea what their talking about, I have not experience on that subject. If I do talk, it's usually a joke or something not serious, but I'm trying to be more serious and not so much jokey. The more and more I think about it, I think I need to be either medicated or sedated . Wow, I've been rambling again. I guess I'll go now. Later.

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