Thursday, October 7, 2010

Selling, Dogs, & More Ideas

     Heynow. So I've only slept for about two hours last night because my brain was still wide awake. It's my fault anyway, I sang out loud while driving home to stay awake from midnight to 1:00am.
     It all started yesterday after work. I made a plan on delivering Kim's three paintings. She wasn't home so I had to do a "drop off". I felt like a drug dealer, planting "the stuff" under the car using duct tape. Actually I drove to her house and she was away. She left a text message saying she had the check in her car and to drop it off in the passenger seat. So I did and when I was leaving there was this black dog in the middle of the road, barking at me while I drove up, did the swap, and drove off. When I was driving off the dog barked at me while in the middle of the road. I saw the owner come out of the house and yell at the dog. The owner is the problem, he/she doesn't have a place for the dog to stay. It's out around the house barking at anything that moves. Train the dog! Teach the dog to be quiet at night. Positive re-enforcements! Not negative.
     Anyway, Kim is very pleased with the paintings and I've very glad of that. Kim advertised for me, so because of her, I've got a few offers and requests to do some more paintings. On another note Casey, Ashley, and her family are opening a booth at the Daniel Boone Festival Arts & Crafts place. They're selling furniture that they have fixed up. They are all nice and colorful. Casey was interested in selling some of my paintings. The only ones I can sell are the Darth Vader and the Dwight Schrute. Probably not the hottest ticket paintings but they might fit in with all the other crafts like pieces of wood with feathers on them and other Native American arts and crafts. So I'll be at the DBF Friday night and maybe Saturday since I'm spending the night at my parents house to take care of the dog. My parents are traveling to Pennsylvania this weekend to see my dad's sister. I hope I've got Monday off for Veteran's day. I probably do since my boss is a veteran, I have a better chance than if my boss wasn't one. Of course, I'll know if I have it off, when he says so at the end of the day Friday. Always at the last minute with that kind of stuff.
     Another reason for not a lot of sleep was because my teeth were hurting, still. I've had to take aspirin every few hours for my teeth. I can barely eat anything because of my sore teeth. I forgot to pack my lunch so I'm going to go out to eat and to cash my check and to buy some more canvases at Big Lots. My dad gave me some ideas for a few Three Stooges paintings.
    I've been procrastinating on this. So I guess I'll stop. Later.

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