Monday, October 4, 2010

That Old Chair and Abbey Road

     Heynow! My weekend went pretty well. I fixed that old office chair Casey, Ashley, and her family gave me last weekend. I ordered some new wheels from eBay and they came in on Saturday so I glued the pieces of wood on each leg with wood glue and put on the wheels which worked out perfect. The thing is, wood glue does not dry fast. I was in the middle of my living room floor putting paper towels over each of the two legs and cleaning up underneath it. There's still one leg that needs to be glued. I'll try and do that this evening. I also need to invest in some WD-40 for those squeaky, rusty metal parts. I could replace that whole part. EBay is awesome. Anywho, I finished another painting. It's a John Lennon painting. I believe that original picture is from the White Album inside sleeve.

     I've messaged Kim, my first customer and friend, to see what other paintings of the Beatles she wants. I have one idea already that I already put onto computer design. It's an Abbey Road tattoo design that I designed, that I might get eventually.
     All I'll need to do is add in the cross walk and a color background like so...
     And that's that. I've made a few tattoo designs that I might get. I drew them out a few months ago. I'll post them later on, when the topic of tattoos comes up again. That's all for now. Later.

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