Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Costumes & SUPERNOTE

     Heynow. I've gotten a few ideas for a Halloween costume this year. Mainly involving a cardboard box because I have a few of those. Here are my ideas, you can vote on your favorite!
A.) A Rubik's Cube (Kinda like this one)

B.) A Cock Block

C.) A Free Mammogram Tester

D.) A Electrical Plug In (Maybe some girl at a party will be dressed up as a socket, who knows)
E.) A Robot (Kinda like this one but with metal tubing and a silver spray paint cardboard box body) 
     They are just ideas; easy to make adult costumes. Now that I'm in an apartment, I'll probably have to get some candy for the neighborhood kids. Back when I lived with my parents, we lived on a hill and we never have kids over. Over ten years of living there, I can remember two kids coming over and we'd give them everything. One kid a year, not both in the same year. My mom would buy candy in case someone came by but usually we all would eat the candy before Halloween even started.
     Last night I made a video response to a contest called "SUPERNOTE" on YouTube. A lot of people have done them and I thought it would be fun to do and to help out a team. There are a bunch of teams but the team I picked was "Team Beard" with team leader Wheezy Waiter. I've been watching him for a few weeks and thought why not, he is very randomly funny and interesting. I've also been watching a lot of YouTube celebrities on their vlogs. I've been thinking about making vlogs but I didn't have the video editing material and skills, until now. I downloaded a greatly rated computer program that edits video with added effects and abilities that I couldn't do using Windows Movie Maker. So I'll be experimenting with that and I'll be posting them here and on YouTube. Maybe a "Making A Halloween Costume" video, like a how to video. There's one idea, BOOM! I'm full of ideas. I've got a bunch of sketch comedy ideas that I'd like to do, but I need other people to be in them, not just me. When the time is right I'll ask for auditions, so I can make the sketch. Plus, I probably need to get a better camera. I have a Flip standard definition camera. Maybe I'll save up, sell that camera, then buy an HD camera. Oh well, it's 3:57PM and I need to goto the grocery store. Later.

Make sure to vote on a costume OR suggest a cool costume for me to do!

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