Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello there

     This is the first of maybe many posts. I'll be talking about my life and whatnot. Today, I was surprisingly awake at 6 o'clock this morning. I'm at work now and not a lot to do. That's why I've started this blog today.

     I'm quite comfortable living by myself now. Its been a few months since I moved into Tazewell, TN. I'm trying to get into UT for architecture but I'm procrastinating doing the portfolio. Then again, I have been doing sketches and paintings. After work, I'm going to start painting a Bob Dylan poster. I've got a total of five paintings to do (Bob Dylan, Beatles - Rubber Soul, John Lennon, Darth Vadar, and Dwight Schrute). I think Dave will be coming by after his class which is great because I haven't seen him in awhile, we can hangout.

     As I said before, I'm at the office and someone came in and is walking behind me watching what I'm doing. I hate when that happens. I don't like it when my boss is over my shoulder too. As soon as I got done finishing that last sentence, three more gentlemen walked in. Apparently, my boss and I have a meeting today with the sales department, contractors, and the building owner of a bank this afternoon, in the rain.

    When I get all my paintings done, I'll try to remember to post them on here. Plus I might review somethings that I might get or have seen like movies, video games, and other events. That's all for now. Later

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