Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beatlemania Review

     Heynow. Tuesday night my buddy Dave and I went to Hazard, KY to see Beatlemania. His friend couldn't make it but the trip was still fun. I drove to Barbourville after work in Middlesboro. We meet up at the Wal-Mart and I had to get a couple of things to fix an office chair I got from Casey, Ashley and her family. It's pretty old and I was going to fix it up.
     Anyway, we were on our way to Hazard through Manchester. We got lost a little getting there but when we got there, there were a lot more older people than younger. With the Beatles: Rock Band, I kinda figured that there were going to be a younger crowd. Oh well, so the show started and they go from 1962 to 1969. They were dressed up in nice suits and they had their mannerisms down to a tee. They played the songs and they were great.
     Then it was intermission. We went outside and Dave had a cigarette and made a few phone calls. The ladies that sat to my left walked by and said something like "There's my buddy! Could you save our seats?". I have no idea who that was but I gave them the okay sign. You could tell that they had the scent of whiskey and coke. After the intermission, the show continued and they came out in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band costumes. After that era, three changed costumes while one sang one song then he changed. They were then in Let It Be era clothing. While the second part of the event was going on the yenta next to me was bumping into me and yelling out the wrong lyrics. Around the end of the show, she apologized and I said it was okay but it was still annoying. The over all concert was great. I really wanted to get up on stage and play Taxman or Daytripper.
     So after the concert we headed to the Hazard Wal-Mart. That took a long time to do because we got lost multiple times. When we finally got there we walked around and goofed off. I felt a little car sick but it faded. We had to quickly get out of Wal-Mart but we got some Subway sandwiches. While I was eating my sandwich I had that car sick feeling again. I stopped eating and rolled my window down a little to get some fresh air. It didn't really help. We finally goto Manchester and when Dave had to turn around, I told him to stop. I then threw up my sandwich. After that, I lied down and almost fell asleep.
     When we arrived at Barbourville, I realized I had to drive back home. So that was an hour of driving slow and making sure my eyes wouldn't close for over a second. Luckily, there was no one driving at 12:40am. I finally got home, put up my quarter piece of sandwich in the refrigerator and made a call into work that I wasn't going to come in that day. The next day, I had the day off which was great because I slept late and edited the video link below.
I also edited my music playlist and fixed up that office chair. I ordered five new wheels for the chair because the old wheels are rusty and clogged up.
     I am now at work and reflecting the other night. The after concert stuff sucked besides being in Wal-Mart and goofing around with Dave and the camera. I guess that's the story. I will try to paint some more today when I get home. I also need to go to the grocery store after work. Oh well, later.

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