Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beatlemania and Paintings

     Hello world. Today should be interesting. Dave, his friend, and I are going to Beatlemania in Hazard, KY. Entry is $15 at 7:00PM and it should be really fun. It's great because I don't really go out that much and it'll be my second "mainstream" concert ever. I've been to plenty of concerts like my brothers bands years ago and my own concerts when someone would bring me out to do a song or two and I've played at parties too. One of my favorite gigs was when I did the lights for my brothers band, Wisdom. That night the opening band was either named Black Cherry or Buck Cherry. I can't remember the name but they later got a big hit song. I didn't really give them that good of a light show :). I felt like a true roadie that night. I was bringing in equipment, hanging out with my brothers and the other guys of the band and it was a very fun time. My first "mainstream" was a Foo Fighters concert in Charlotte, NC back in Oct. 5th 2007. Anyway, I might be bringing my Flip camera to the event and I'll post it here and YouTube. 
     Here are two new Black & White paintings that was completed yesterday. I have the other three canvases sketched out already. This first one is "Dwight Schrute" from the NBC show "The Office".
Sold at the Daniel Boone Festival (Arts & Crafts)

This next one is "Darth Vader" from the movies "Star Wars".
For Sale!
     They're very simple paintings and they were fun to do. Both paintings and the other three future paintings are for sale. I also posted these pictures on Facebook.

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